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EPUMENT Mineral Casting Maximum Vibration Damping for Maximum Dynamic Stability

Wixom, MI, September 01, 2022 –(–RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its EPUMENT mineral casting technology for the manufacture high-performance machine beds and structural components at the IMTS trade show from September 12 to 17 Booth 236618 / North Building Level 3.

RAMPF may be the worlds leading manufacturer of mineral casting. Its EPUMENT mineral casting technology can be used by major equipment manufacturers in the device tools, metrology, medical, semiconductor, and 3D printing industries, and the like.

The main element benefit of the epoxy resin-aggregate bonded material over cast iron and steel fabrications may be the significantly higher vibration damping, which gives for higher precision and better finishes of machined parts and longer cutting tool life. Comparative measurements of the logarithmic decrement as a damping parameter show that mineral casting includes a damping capacity that’s eight to ten times higher than metal.

Further great things about EPUMENT mineral casting include:

Thermal stability.

Design flexibility castings could be designed to varying wall thicknesses.

Superior chemical and corrosion resistance to many alkalis, oils, and cutting fluids.

Cheap through component integration and casting to finished tolerances.

Noise reduction.

Short lead times.

The demand for EPUMENT mineral casting can be rapidly increasing because of its resource-efficient manufacturing and environmentally-friendly disposal and recycling:

The mineral casting is cold cast in molds created from wood, steel, or plastic, with the manufacturing process requiring around 75 percent less energy than metallic castings.

The high casting precision, coupled with RAMPFs groundbreaking in-house replication technology, eliminates the necessity for external processes and reduces/avoids the usage of processing machinery; CO2 emissions are roughly 50 percent lower when precision surfaces are replicated instead of milled.

Mineral castings are near 100 percent recyclable, they could be reused or removed much like normal construction materials.

We have been a worldwide, full-service solution provider for the development and manufacture of highly sophisticated custom machine beds and components. Our high-precision products are manufactured via 3D CAD systems with cutting-edge replication, grinding, and lapping processes in a temperature-controlled environment. Our service offering encompasses material-specific design and engineering, FEM modeling, and the look of casting molds, replication gauges, and fixtures. RAMPF may be the only mineral casting producer with production facilities on three continents. We anticipate presenting the enormous technical advantages, cost benefits, and outstanding green credentials of EPUMENT mineral casting at IMTS 2022. -Panos Angelopoulos, Division Manager Machine Systems at RAMPF Group, Inc.


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