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Escaping Harvey Weinstein was a cat-and-mouse game, says Katherine Kendall


Let’s turn to the continuing fallout and a reaction to the Harvey Weinstein story.

Yesterday, Weinstein resigned from the board of his production company following numerous revelations of sexual harassment and many allegations of assault.

A lot more than three dozen women have said Weinstein harassed them. While Weinstein has admitted to behaving inappropriately, he’s got said he didn’t physically assault anyone.

Among those women is Katherine Kendall. She was a 23-year-old actress who met Weinstein in 1993. She alleges he invited her to his apartment in NY, where, she says, he became popular his clothes and asked for a massage.

As other actresses began coming forward about their painful experiences, she also went public with her very own story.

She joins me now from LA.

First, thanks for joining us.

And I don’t desire to relive something that’s painful for you personally, nevertheless, you are going for a public stance onto it.

For those who have no idea your story, what happened?

KATHERINE KENDALL, Actress/ Photographer:

Well, I was you understand, a actress, and I had had a formal meeting at the Miramax office earlier that day.

And, by the end of the meeting, that i thought went effectively, he invited me to come quickly to screenings. He said: “Welcome to the Miramax family. You understand, arrived at premieres, screenings, etc. Actually, there’s one today. Do you want to come?”

And I said, “Sure.”

And I finished up going to visit a movie with him. It finished up just being truly a movie, not just a screening, however the film “Red Rock West.” And, you understand, that is right when I had this type of sinking feeling that something wasn’t going right.

And, following the movie, we walked for a couple blocks. And he said he had a need to rise to his apartment to obtain something, and would I simply include him real quick? And I type of said no, and we returned and forth on that for one minute. It was type of a negotiation with him always, attempting to type of stand my ground, but be convinced it had been OK.

I did so get into his apartment. Once there, we talked for a long period about art and movies. And I felt like he was treating me as an intellect.

And I felt just like the meeting was going effectively, and type of continued. I didn’t feel unsafe once I was within. And, at one point, then, he got around visit the bathroom. And he returned in a robe and asked me to provide him a massage.

And I was extremely uncomfortable. And I was like, oh, God, no, I’m uncomfortable with that. And we returned and forth on that.

And he returned to the toilet again, and returned this time around completely naked. And, you understand, that changed it entirely for me personally, too. It just took it to another place. It had been completely disorienting. And I was scared, you understand? I really was scared.

And it became type of a cat-and-mouse game of, like, how am I likely to escape there?

And I’m it’s hard to create sense of what someone is wanting to do for you when they’re fully naked, and they are


You understand, I’m 105 pounds. He’s a big man standing between me and the entranceway.

And, After all, I felt very resolute, like, I’ll definitely escape here somehow. But I’m not I’m uncertain I’m uncertain after that happen here. You understand, a whole lot was going right through my head.

And he said, well, in the event that you won’t give me a massage, do you want to at the very least show me your breasts? Also it was just you understand, it was, overall, an exceptionally humiliating experience for me personally.

And although I acquired away, I felt like something had still like something horrible had just happened certainly to me.


And I did so. I told my mom.

And I told the right friends. But, you understand, among the items that happened was, I didn’t want them to inform anybody. You understand, people wished to help me, however they didn’t understand how, and I didn’t want them to use too much, because I didn’t want to buy to backlash.

I was scared. And I believe that it’s vital that you understand that we don’t really result from a culture that supports ladies in discussing sexual harassment, in my own if you ask me, that’s. And, you understand, I simply haven’t felt enjoy it was something I would get active support on


I believe it did. I believe it did. I believe it did.

I believe it made me feel just like, wow, you understand, that has been a wash. He wasn’t interested at all in what I had to state, or, you understand, he didn’t see any talent there or intellect there. He was assessing the problem the complete time for another thing.

And I believe that that did hurt. You understand, I wish it didn’t.


But he previously produced so many movies that I thought were wonderful. Also it was it’s hard when someone has made art that you like, and how will you stay mounted on liking their art, but feeling conflicted about them?

And, yes, I believe it will have long-term effects. I believe you tuck it away. And, for me personally, also, I realized that it returned when I’d see his name or see him personally. I would begin to type of tremble yet again.

After all, I wouldn’t consider him every day or anything for a long time, and then I’d see him, and I’d think, oh, I don’t feel good. I got eventually to escape here.


You understand, it would talk about so much emotion.

And the newest one was the girl in NY, the Italian model. I felt so, so enraged when I saw what happened there, and they sort of the authorities had him, and that he then got away. And she had been dragged through the press as a person who just, you understand, wanted a payout, etc.


It is a turning point. It is a turning point.

You can find so often when I considered it, and felt like there have been occasions when I considered it and said, well, I’ve nil to lose, I’ll just take action. And I thought, I I simply didn’t have the strength or the courage yet.

And I believe somebody like Jodi Kantor doing the story for THE BRAND NEW York Times, the truth that she thought it had been a tale at all was startling if you ask me and made me feel just like, wow, something is likely to be done.

And I knew she had explained I mean, these were searching for women that had happened to, because they’d been hearing rumors for such a long time that it just happened to a lot of people. And she had explained other folks were developing.

And I thought, I cannot when I watched Rose McGowan or the other actresses come forward, I simply or Ashley Judd I simply thought, they look strong if you ask me, and I don’t wish to be one that stays silent.

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