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Ethereum(ETH) Price May Hit Above $2000 By September End! Heres another Strategy

  • The Ethereum price is displaying some strength since it has regained the worthiness above $1500 in an exceedingly short timeframe

  • Even though many technicals point towards a notable upswing ahead, the erratic behavior of the purchase price is adding to excessive skepticism in the area

That is a significant time for Ethereum because the final phase of the merger will start on September 06, in fact it is believed that the ETH price may surge with decent margins because the market sentiments for the asset are coiling up.

Even though many believe today’s upswing is only a short squeeze that may eventually create a huge price drop ahead. However, squashing the bearish trajectory, a favorite analyst, Micheal van de Poppe, believes the ETH price may hit $2200 post the Merger.

#Ethereum fork happening on the 6th of September, which escalates the probability of the Merge to be always a success -> sentiment changing.

The scenario still going as planned, I don’t want to buy to drop sub $1,350.

If strength continues -> $2,200 next.

Michal van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) August 30, 2022

The analyst says that the marketplace sentiments are turning positive as participants are awaiting the merger and expect the function to uplift the crypto space from bearish captivity. There are always a handful of situations that could arise for the asset ahead.

The asset, amid the existing upswing, may continue steadily to rise high and hit $1600. It might even drop heavily going to $600. The grey area is which could maintain hook upswing towards $1770 and additional plunge heavily after experiencing a notable rejection.

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