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(Exclusive) AN INITIAL Look: SO HOW EXACTLY DOES It Feel To Be Doechii & SZA?

Doechii and SZA gave what must be given within their recent collab, and we have been here for this!

How Doechii & SZA Linked Up

In a July Instagram Live, Doechii shared that she was surprised when her team informed her they had secured a collab with SZA for the remix of her hit song, Persuasive.

Now while we arent certain of everything, SZA did say on the live that she have been asking Doechii to send her music for awhile now.

I really like your music. I request you to send me sh continuously.

In this live, they gave one another flowers because they ready to share a special listen and debut with their first collab together. Doechii continued to reiterate just how much she loved SZAs verse.

Just how she slid onto it. Yall gone understand when yall hear it!

Reactions To The Remix on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

And, it appears like the fans agreed. Because since remix dropped in late July, over 16,000 TikTok videos have already been created of the single.

@kwhxteLife has been feeling normal again Persuasive Doechii & SZA

Even Twitter has been around a frenzy since Doechii dropped a behind-the-scenes look at their music video in mid-August on TikTok. The both of these were dripped in gold before a black G-Wagon giving black girl magic in its purest form.

Doechii Making Waves IN THE MARKET

This isnt the very first time weve seen Doechii break up, and we have been sure it wont function as last.

Remember her BET Awards performance out of this year? Sis had an infamous hair switch up that left us in awe while she performed two of her hit songs Persuasive and Crazy, and she even received support from the audience, including well known duo ChloexHalle.

Her performance was burning literally!

@bet @iamdoechii just turn off the #BETAwards stage with her performance of Persuasive and Crazy. #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight #BET original sound BET Networks

Fans have already been obsessed Doechii and her single, even prior to the remix came into being, creating dancing, vibing, strutting, fashion and makeup tutorial TikToks showing their support. She even received cosigns from celebs, like Sam Smith and Tami Roman.

@samsmith shes so persuasive Persuasive Doechii

Sis, have not arrived at play since she took over TikTok with her song Yucky Blucky Fruitcake in 2021, and later signed with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and Capitol Records in 2022. She even secured an area in XXL Magazines 2022 Freshman Class.

AN INITIAL Look At Persuasive (Remix) Music Video

We have been hoping that Doechii and SZA will release the music video for the Persuasive (Remix) soon. Continuing with her edgy looks and hair switch ups, Doechii has clearly understood the assignment. And, SZA has taking goddess to whole nother level in this new project.

Browse the first look here:

Roommates, isn’t it time because of this to drop?

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