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EXCLUSIVE: College Grad Student Under Investigation Over Racy Photo Shoot Speaks Out (TSR Investigates)

Florida A&M University graduate Terica Williams rattled several folks when she posted pics from the racy photoshoot, she had on the campus of the beloved HBCU.

In the photos Williams wearing what appears to be only snake-themed hair and couple of red bottoms is seen posing before a statue of the Rattler, FAMUs mascot.

The controversial images have gone viral and also have been met with outrage resulting in a campus-wide investigation, and calls from some alumni to withhold her diploma.

In a TSR Investigates exclusive Williams is speaking out.

Did she take things too much? Does this example demand extreme disciplinary action from the university? The Shade Room investigates

Racy Photo TAKEN UP TO Commemorate Her Grad School Graduation

Williams had graduated from the Historically Black University in July of the year, and had done so with a near-stellar 3.8 GPA. She received a master degree in counseling and education, and took the photos to celebrate the occasion, she told TSR Investigates Justin Carter.

The pictures were definately not the normal cap-and-gown type affair usually taken up to commemorate a graduation, with one specifically drawing widespread backlash on social media marketing after she posted it to her Instagram account on July 29.

I must say i wished to showcase Black excellence and body positivity. When I posted it, I didnt expect (the backlash) to the extent, Williams told TSR Investigates Justin Carter.

The 24-year-old could possibly be seen, in the nude sans a set of heels, adorned with faux snakes via her hair a nod to the universitys snake mascot, which the picture was used front of.

I went with a Medusa theme, to sort of symbolize a snake, like, shedding, she said of the theory.

(Thanks to Instagram)

Criminal Investigation Now Open Regarding Students Celebratory Act Of Public Nudity

When asked if she was actually completely naked in the photo or not, Williams declined to answer while citing the truth that there’s an open criminal investigation in to the situation.

Williams did reveal that she’s been recognized to dress provocatively her very existence, and that folks understand how I dress and that Im very comfortable in my skin.

People understand that Im very comfortable in my skin. I love taking chances, she revealed.

Williams defended the photo, however, and joked that the university should replace the mascot with a statue of her, saying Personally i think Im that girl, and I could encourage other folks to be that girl.

She added that she never designed to offend anyone, and that her intentions were pure.

(Thanks to Instagram)

However, many students, faculty and alumni indeed took offense to the photo.

Students, Faculty, Alum Torn On Grads Nude Mascot Photo

Ajay Williams, a FAMU alum, said on an bout of his Crown Conversations podcast that when he, as a black man, had taken an identical photo, they might have already been on my athat day.

Clout and attention certainly are a hell of a drug, Williams told The Shade Room. Once you reach FAMU or any HBCU, the very first thing they let you know is you’re now a representative of the faculty or university. Her doing that totally goes against what we realize.

Another FAMU graduate, Ashi Doss, told The Shade Room that it went beyond womens empowerment.

The facts you want to represent? she said. In the event that you took the photo as you were so proud to become a graduate of FAMU, then thats what the photo must have been about. Not about you or the body.

(Thanks to Twitter)

On her behalf part, Williams says shes available to all criticism, but added she was grateful for individuals which are supporting her, which there are lots.One woman posted on Twitter that maybe (shes) just an extreme feminist but I believe ole girl from FAMU ate that skyrocket.

A study in to the photo remains ongoing by Wednesday.

What can you say, Roomies? May be the picture disrespectful, or not?

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