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(Exclusive) Full Bodycam Footage Reveals THE REALITY In Jumanah Baskerville Eviction Arrest Case | TSR Investigates Updatez

On June 17th TSR Investigates broke a story about Jumanah Baskerville, a Black Atlanta mom who had an extremely disturbing encounter with county marshals.

In the original reports it had been revealed that Baskerville was faced with police seeking to enforce an eviction order on her behalf boyfriends apartment that she been staying in at that time.

A confrontation that ultimately ended in Baskervilles arrest after officers humiliated her by slamming her to the bottom naked before her four-year-old daughter.

Authorities Insist No Policies Were Broken, However Victims Boyfriend Says He Was Never Provided A Court Date

A spokesperson for the Fulton County Marshals office insists no policies were broken. However, Baskervilles boyfriend claims he was alert to the eviction notice but never even given a court date.

In this bout of TSR Investigates Updatez will the entire body cam footage reveal what really occurred that day?

Bodycam footage, obtained exclusively by The Shade Room, shows as several all-male Fulton County marshals arrive to execute the eviction.

Baskerville, dressed only in a bathrobe, is seen becoming more and more agitated because the officers tell her to obtain some clothes on.

She reportedly called her boyfriend, whos name was listed on the apartment lease and who was simply at work during the eviction.

He initially said he previously no idea he had been evicted, as Baskerville related the problem to him on the phone.

The cops are here plus they said they’re evicting me at this time, like telling me to place my clothes on and kicking me out of our home at this time, she could be heard telling her boyfriend. And that means you have to come here at this time, they got hella people out in the hallway, plus they going to take everything out from the motherfhouse.

She then walks into another room and closes the entranceway after agreeing to place some clothes on, before among the officers tells her dont close the entranceway.

Situation Escalated SOON AFTER Victim Followed Officers Orders TO OBTAIN Dressed

The problem immediately escalates, based on the body cam footage, with the marshal screaming at Baskerville to visit the bathroom and obtain dressed.

That are you speaking with? Log off me! She could be heard yelling, because the officer continues to order her to obtain down now because the two wrestle to the ground.

Baskerville then yells out in pain that the marshals are breaking her arm, as her four-year-old daughter stood nearby, watching the whole lot play out.

The marshal tells her you have to be ashamed of yourself before telling her that shes likely to jail.They attemptedto put jeans on her behalf, however they didnt fit, because they belonged to her boyfriend.

It had been obvious that I didnt have clothes on, she told TSR Investigates Justin Carter. Once he body slammed me, he could note that I was naked. It had been just humiliating also it was sort of violating for him to place pants on for me personally.

Arresting Marshal Claims Baskerville Was The Aggressor, But Bodycam Footage Shows Otherwise

Baskerville added that maybe it could have already been less of a violation in case a female officer had tried to place pants on her behalf.

Another marshal may then be seen wanting to calm Baskerville down as he held her crying daughters hand, while telling her that she must have followed another officers orders.

Then comforts her as she too begins to cry.

Her boyfriend eventually arrived to retrieve their daughter, and spoke with the arresting marshal who claimed that it had been Baskerville who was simply the aggressor.

She made a decision to fight two grown amen, who’ve kids like everyone else got kids, the marshal tells Baskervilles boyfriend. After she closed the entranceway on my face, no, thats it.

She was tested by EMTs on her behalf arm before being taken up to the Fulton County jail.

All Charges Dropped Against Baskerville After Arrest

Baskerville tells TSR Investigates that the judge and prosecutors immediately dropped the case.

When asked if she thought she may have done anything dissimilar to avoid that outcome. she said she did follow the officers orders when he informed her to go get dressed, adding he didnt tell me where you might get dressed at.

Records show that Baskervilles boyfriend owed about $1600 in back rent. Bodycam footage implies that he was ultimately alert to the impending eviction, but was waiting on a court date that was never directed at him.

A representative for the marshals office told TSR Investigates that no policies have been broken, and had hoped that by releasing your body cam footage that it could shed more light on which happened that day.

Fulton County jail, where Baskerville was booked, is where rapper Young Thug has remained since his arrest for RICO charges, The Shade Room recently reported.

TSR Investigates explores cold cases and special interest news stories underrepresented in mainstream media.

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