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Exclusive–Trump-Endorsed Kelly Tshibaka Slams Sen. Murkowski Before Tuesday Primary: ‘She Doesn’t REVEAL the Truth’

Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka slammed establishment Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to be two-faced prior to the Tuesday Republican primary in Alaska.

Speaking withhost Matthew Boyle onBreitbart News Saturday,Tshibaka saidMurkowskis 21 year career has been marred by lying to voters about her Senate voting record.

She doesnt reveal the reality. She says a very important factor within Alaska and does the precise opposite in D.C.,Tshibaka said. Shell discuss writing the infrastructure bill with Bernie Sanders, but she wont reveal that the radical extremists in the Biden administration are turning up each one of these new regulations on us [in the bill]. It drives up the rate of inflation so high that people wont see additional funding, theyve got each one of these regulations and permits weve got a jump during that were gonna see barely any infrastructure.

Tshibaka continued to indicate Murkowskis politics of flip-flop. Its about the Green New Deal. She ran ads just a few months ago saying that she was a fierce defender of the next Amendment while she was colluding with the Democrats and Joe Biden to vote for gun control and our gun rights. This is actually the thing that costs her NRA endorsement, therefore now shes dropped in her reading using them, and Id have the RAs highest rating, we have been quite definitely pro-Second Amendment and against those Red Flag laws that she voted for.

She voted contrary to the Democrats efforts to codify Roe versus Wade, Tshibaka continued. She claims that she doesnt believe there must be late-term abortions or taxpayer-funded abortions, but just a few weeks hence, she was the main one who introduced the bill for late-term abortion, and shes consistently voted to invest in the national abortion providers with taxpayer money. This is actually the sort of thing she does constantly, therefore that is why everybody over the state says, Its time for a big change.’

Tshibaka then explained the way the Alaska elections system favors Murkowskis incumbency. In November, what goes on is everyone reaches go in and vote because of their top candidate first if you would like, you can vote for a backup candidate or two back-up candidates or three and that means you rank your next, third, and fourth choice. If the candidate that will come in first doesnt cross the 50% line reach least half the votes in the election then your fourth candidate drops off. Their second, third, and fourth place folks get reallocated. The 3rd candidate drops off, their second, third, and fourth place get re-allocated.

Tshibaka believes she and Murkowski will certainly be in the ultimate group in November before explaining the political demographics of Alaska. Heres the info in Alaska. About 54% of Alaskans vote for the Republican candidate. President Trump won by double digits in 2020, despite being out-spent almost two to 1 by our Democratic candidate. Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), our other Republican senator, won by 13 points. The Democrat candidate usually gets between 38 and 40% of the vote.

Tshibakas primary election will undoubtedly be on Tuesday, August 16.

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