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Exploiting the potential of social media marketing and crowdsourcing for better disaster resilience in Europe

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For disaster management organizations (DMOs) across Europe, social media marketing and crowdsourcing (SMCS) are playing an extremely larger role in working with crises. However, their effectiveness remains unclear, as do their opportunities and challenges in European disaster resilience.

To raised understand the role of SMCS for local European communities in disasters, the LINKS project completed studies on five scenarios: flooding, droughts, terrorism, earthquakes and industrial disasters. This research is feeding in to the LINKS Framework, a couple of learning materials such as for example methods, tools and guidelines on the usage of SMCS in disasters. They’re created for relevant stakeholders that mainly include practitioners, policymakers, research networks, industrial bodies and citizens.

Learning can be an essential requirement of European disaster resilience

“The LINKS Framework is specially being developed to greatly help DMOs focus on the most important thing when considering the use of SMCS in disaster management processes,” explains a news release posted on the “ReliefWeb” website supplied by the US Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. “The Framework also supports and will be utilized as an instrument for planning how DMOs can apply SMCS in every phases of disasters. With this particular aim, the LINKS Framework is depicted metaphorically as a compass looking to support navigation and orientation linked to two main themes: engaging with citizens, improving communication.”

The initial theme allows DMOs to raised build relationships citizens. This is done by supporting the collection and analysis of information from SMCS and by mobilizing volunteers and citizens. The next supports DMOs in improving their communication strategies through the use of social media. The target is to target communication to guarantee the quality of information also to make the info accessible.

Strengthening links between technologies and society for resilience

All of the LINKS Framework’s resources will undoubtedly be accessible via an interactive web-based platform called LINKS Community Center. Included in these are a library that delivers a market summary of the SMCS technologies found in disasters, a data group of guidelines on SMCS used in disasters, a handbook presenting instructions on how best to promote more inclusive methods in and an educational toolkit to build up risk awareness in minors using SMCS.

To improve European disaster resilience, LINKS (Strengthening links between technologies and society for European disaster ) is bolstering the relationships between technologies and society. To take action, it really is delivering sustainable, advanced learning materials on the usage of SMCS in disasters. The project leads to November 2023.

More info: LINKS project:

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