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Explorer review: The amazing story of adventurer Ranulph Fiennes

An intriguing documentary concerning the life and adventures of Ranulph Fiennes, among the last hero-explorers of our time, packs an altogether different punch by the end, discovers Simon Ings

Humans 3 August 2022

By Simon Ings

A98A62 Ranulph Fiennes manhauling a sledge North Pole Unsupported Expedition 1990

Ranulph Fiennes: his expeditions were the lastof their kind

Royal Geographical Society/Alamy


Matthew Dyas

On release now

EXPLORER is really a documentary about Ranulph Fiennes, who led the initial expedition to circumnavigate Earth from pole to pole without recourse to flight.

Its subject emerges slowly from snatches of past documentaries, interviews, home movies and headlines. The film touts Fienness unknowability: a risky technique for those not used to the person and his achievements, though with time it takes care of handsomely for director Matthew Dyas.

Fiennes isnt motivated by mysterious and delicate internal forces; this

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