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Facebook is wanting to be Discord with ‘Community Chats’

Meta is introducing a fresh method for Facebooks nearly 3 billion users for connecting collectively. In the coming weeks, the company plans to expand the option of Community Chats, an attribute which will allow Facebook and Messenger groups to arrange discussions around a common topics. Along with the most common text conversations, Community Chats will support audio and video channels and invite admins to broadcast messages with their groups.

Since Meta envisions you using Community Chats to talk to people beyond your immediate social circle, admins could have access to a small number of moderation tools to make sure conversations stay civil. An Admin Assist feature allows them to make a list of content they need the platform to automatically flag and do something against. Admins likewise have the energy to block, mute and suspend individuals who dont play by their communitys rules. They are able to also host admin-only chats where they are able to talk privately making use of their moderation team.

If all this been there as well, its because Meta is effectively replicating how Discord works. On Discord, it is possible to join Community Servers which are organized around an individual game or interest, and its own even easy for admins to generate multiple sub-channels for folks to go over specific areas of their interest, similar to Meta allows Community Chats users to accomplish. Even the moderation tools are similar to features Discord has released lately to combat trolls.

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