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Faker Assists Watch: 82 assists to all-time LCK leader

Lee Faker Sang-hyeok , one of the biggest players in League of Legends history is currently 82 assists from beating the all-time record assist record. The mid laner, who’s 26 yrs . old, surely got to second on the assists ladder earlier in the entire year after getting past Go Score Dong-bin, and its own just a matter of time before we see him at the very top.

His longevity has certainly played a component in breaking these records but so has his quality and versatility. During his a long time for T1, he’s got linked to the champion, Yasuo. Currently in time, he’s got got 4,055 assists to his name. The person whose record he looks set to beat is Korean support Kang GorillA Beom-hyun, known to be one of the biggest players never to win a global tournament.

faker goat lck

Lee Faker Sang-hyeok

Holding all of the records

There arent many active players who appear to be theyre likely to break these records apart from Faker. Kim Deft Hyuk-kyu and Han Peanut Wang-ho are most likely probably the most likely given that they also make the very best 10 in the assists leader chart.

This hasnt been Fakers best season in the LCK, hes currently just beyond your top 10 of the assists ladder but this shouldnt prevent him from breaking the record. When he surely got to second earlier in the entire year, he previously 3,550 assists. That just would go to show how little he’s got to do function as all-time leader.

Keria and Oner took up the majority of the assisting responsibilities this year, with Faker only averaging 5.53 assists for the entire year. That is only low in accordance with how much far better Faker could be in this department. He’s got also averaged 3.09 kills per game, 1.82 deaths per game and contains a KDA of 4.73 for the entire year. Hes been consistent at all times as per certain requirements from the team. Taking on other tasks hasnt been a concern as hes among the senior members of the medial side and contains a say in the strategy T1 use up.

T1 are first on the league table, having an in-form Gen. G on the tail. So long as theyve got famous brands Faker within their side, theyll be considered a force in the Playoffs and always stand the opportunity of winning the big prizes.

Getting into the ultimate week of regular play, we expect the assist record to carry until Playoffs and potentially fall in the initial or second series in Playoffs. However, if both T1 series in Week 9 go the length, and we’ve heavy assist games in all of them, we might start to see the record broken in regular season.

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