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Falcon adds flywheels to generator fleet

Falcon’s first Punch Flybrid system was installed last week on an HS2 project at Little Missenden

Falcons first Punch Flybrid system was installed the other day on an HS2 project at Little Missenden

Falcon has a lot more than 20 years experience with diesel generators but recent expansion has seen it create Falcon Power Generation Ltd as another entity, with an increase of than 400 diesel generators.

To check this fleet, Falcon has taken delivery of several fuel-saving Punch Flybrid systems, that will predominantly be utilized for the groups tower crane hire division.

As previously reported, the Punch Flybrid system uses flywheel technology to improve the energy of the diesel generator to cover the peaks necessary for tower crane operation.

Generators on construction sites are usually sized for peak loads. However, usually they run at low load factors, which results in poor fuel economy and high emissions. That is especially the case when running equipment like tower cranes, which oscillate between total idleness and full power. By connecting a Punch Flybrid unit to the generator set, the flywheel load-levels the peak power that the generator set must cope with. The Flybrid system delivers energy immediately at high power during a growing load step and captures excess energy (in a spinning tube) throughout a decreasing load step.

Flybrid technology thus enables an inferior generator in order to deal with these occasional surges of demand and replace a more substantial generator. Utilizing a smaller generator alongside a Punch Flybrid system reduces the generator size required on site, reduces the fuel where the generator consumes, and much more than halves the CO2 emissions produced. Given removing rebated red diesel in April 2022 and recent increased fuel prices, offering a Punch Flybrid system reaches worst cost neutral, while saving many tonnes of harmful emissions, Falcon says. However, based on the power demand of the application form, it could save your client a significant amount of cash in addition to CO2 emissions.

Falcons first Punch Flybrid system was installed the other day on an HS2 project at Little Missenden in Buckinghamshire.

Andrew Teanby, general manager of Falcon Power, said: Most of us make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, it really is now more important than ever before. The trade-off is definitely the additional money you may spend the more CO2 it is possible to save any longer. With a Punch Flybrid system, we have been proving to your customers that there surely is a substantial, real term, cost saving to the system, whilst reducing their CO2 emissions by over half.

Punch Flybrid managing director Tobias Knichel added: Punch Flybrid units were created, developed and stated in the UK, through the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and materials that the united kingdom manufacturing industry is well known for worldwide. This not merely minimises the entire life cycle emissions such as the manufacturing, usage and recycling phases in addition, it ensures outstanding reliability that is so crucial for the operation of tower cranes.

Punch Flybrid units work particularly well on Stage V generator sets. The flywheel system supports the generator to be loaded correctly which in turn means that the Stage V after-treatment functions.

Alongside the Flybrid systems, Falcon Power have ordered several Stage V generators from Atlas Copco for delivery in late 2022, early 2023. The brand new regulations surrounding Stage V machinery initially arrived to force in 2020 but weren’t initially enforced because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Punch Flybrid’s Tobias Knichel featured in Re:Construction, The Construction Index podcast, this past year to discuss the usage of flywheels with construction machinery. In the event that you missed it, seek out episode 82 from 29th September 2021, designed for clear of all regular podcast platforms or listen online via

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