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Fall Is Coming LISTED BELOW ARE 35 Wardrobe Staples Youll Want ASAP

Promising review: “I’m an exclusively high-waisted bottoms person. No ifs, ands, or but(t)s about any of it, I won’t wear other things. I’ve some high-waisted jeans I really like, but both pairs actually just appear to my belly button, and it will sometimes pop on out if I’m wearing a crop top. No biggie, but I was searching for a pair that came up FURTHER. THEREFORE I went into Levi’s this past year and tried on almost every “high rise” pair in the store. Seriously. And these straight ribcage jeans were just the ticket. Stiff enough to check like jeans rather than jeggings, hook crop and straight hem in the bottom to differentiate from my skinny jeans, and a SUPER-HIGH rise. Like my belly button is really a full inch below the very best of the jeans. It requires me one minute to find yourself in them and button the button-fly, but that’s what ensures a good fit for my waist-to-hip ratio, which *usuallyresults in the dreaded WAIST GAP. I really like the colour and the amount of distressing (aka very little), plus they make me feel just like a ~cool girl~ when I must say i nearly never feel just like one. If you are searching for super-high-waisted jeans that still…feel just like jeans, I 100% recommend these.” Maitland Quitmeyer, BuzzFeed Staff

Have them from Levi’s for $98 (obtainable in sizes 2332, two lengths, and seven colors).

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