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Fallout from Taiwan visit follows Pelosi on trips to South Korea, Japan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosis 24-hour stop by at Taiwan and Chinas furious and ongoing reaction are making for a few delicate diplomacy because the California Democrat concludes her Asian tour with stops in South Korea and Japan.

Speculation in Seoul was running high after President Yoon Suk-yeol declined to interrupt his summer a vacation to meet personally with Mrs. Pelosi and her delegation of House Democrats. South Korean officials said Mr. Yoons work break have been scheduled well beforehand and that the president did consult with Mrs. Pelosi by phone during her stop.

The Korea Times noted there is widespread talk in Seoul that the president nixed a face-to-face meeting because he was cautious with further inciting China, that is the countrys biggest trading partner along with the only major ally of North Korea.

An integral official in Mr. Yoons office denied that has been the case, saying likely to host Mrs. Pelosis delegation have been set fourteen days ago, prior to the surprise stop by at Taipei this week.

Given Mr. Yoons vacation plans, we’d said it will be difficult to meet up, the state said, and Washington replied favorably that it fully understands the problem.

The state added that Mr. Yoon wanted to have the talk by phone.

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The reception was different in Japan, where in fact the U.S. lawmakers arrived Thursday. The Kyodo news service said Mrs. Pelosi was slated to meet up with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida sufficient reason for her counterpart in japan legislature, House of Representatives Speaker Hiroyuki Hosoda.

Japanese defense officials said five of the ballistic missiles fired by the Chinese military near Taiwan in protest of the Pelosi visit had landed within Tokyos claimed exclusive economic zone just hours prior to the Americans arrived.

There is more diplomatic fallout for Japan. Chinas foreign minister on Thursday canceled a well planned ending up in his Japanese counterpart on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit being held in Cambodia, citing Japans signing to several 7 statement Wednesday criticizing Chinas reaction to the Taiwan visit.

It could have been the initial face-to-face dialogue between your ministers of both East Asian neighbors in nearly 2 yrs.

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