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Fans Demand ‘Malik Willis Time’ as Ryan Tannehill, Titans Blown Out by Bills on MNF

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Because the Tennessee Titans were consistently getting blown out by the Buffalo Bills on the solution to a 41-7 loss on Monday Night Football, it became apparent that starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill was overmatched.

The 34-year-old completed 11 of 20 passes for 117 yards and two interceptions, among that was returned for a touchdown. The lackluster performance had many fans online clamoring for Tannehill to be replaced by rookie quarterback Malik Willis, plus they got their wish.

Tannehill was benched after throwing the pick-six, and Willis made his NFL debut in the 3rd quarter of Monday’s game. However, things didn’t go far better for the 23-year-old, as he went 1-of-4 for six yards and ran the ball four times for 16 yards and a lost fumble.

With the Titans falling to 0-2, a lot of the chatter on social media marketing centered round the team’s quarterback position, with Willis getting the majority of the attention:

Kyle Madson @KyleAMadson

It’s Malik Willis time.

FanDuel @FanDuel

“sorry Ryan, it’s Malik Willis time.”

JP Finlay @JPFinlayNBCS

Malik Willis time. Electric athlete.

Rich Eisen @richeisen

Its Malik Willis time.

3: 49 left in another.

The Bills steal your souls, wreck havoc on your heads and your roster.

Thor Nystrom @thorku

This Titans offense, but with Malik Willis

Davis Mattek @DavisMattek

We, individuals, DEMAND Malik Willis

gabb goudy @gabbgoudy

put malik willis in the overall game now @Titans

Carp @robcarpenter81

Yall asked for Malik Willis and he immediately came in looking such as a rookie QB.this game of NFL Football aint easy

Maggie Gray @MaggieGray

Whats crazy may be the Bills and Titans were basically even this past year.

Now its Case Keenum vs Malik Willis with a complete quarter to go.

Jim Nagy @JimNagy_SB

Titans choosing Malik Willis is thing keeping me tuned into this Titans/Bills mess.

Christopher Carter @CarterCritiques

And theres Malik Willis welcome to the NFL moment. Matt Milano using one tonight.

Ryan Talbot @RyanTalbotBills

Matt Milano just knocked Malik Willis back to the 2022 NFL Draft.

Sam Phalen @Sam_Phalen

Hand up…I did so not need “Malik Willis in at QB by Week 2” on my 2022 #Titans Bingo card.

Keith McPherson @Keith_McPherson

Malik Willis all the best bro damn

Tennessee includes a large amount of questions to answer. Tannehill will probably remain the team’s starter, but also for just how long? The Titans can’t afford to belong to a deeper hole this year after finishing because the No. 1 seed in the AFC this past year.

If Tannehill puts forth another performance like he previously Monday, you will have no shortage of fans calling for Willis to function as team’s starter for all of those other season.

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