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Fantastic Fours new director may be revealed at D23 Expo

Marvel has finally announced the release date of its Fantastic Four reboot. The reveal came at Comic-Con 2022, portion of the massive Hall H event where Kevin Feige revealed titles for Phase 5 and 6. But thats all Feige had to state concerning the movie. We still dont have a fresh director for Fantastic Four, and the cast continues to be a secret. But Marvel might reveal at the very least the director of Fantastic Four at D23, in accordance with a leaker. Actually, some spoilers might follow.

Before Comic-Con, we expected some kind of Fantastic Four announcement. Nonetheless it wasnt a warranty. Some reports that preceded the convention said that Marvels visit a new director would continue through Labor Day. Also, Marvel hadn’t settled on the Fantastic Four actors.

Separately, John Krasinski didn’t reveal whether hes time for the MCU as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic after his brief appearance in Doctor Strange 2.

Fantastic Four teaser from Marvel movies promo clip
Fantastic Four teaser from Marvel movies promo clip. Image source: Marvel Studios

Feige then surprised the audience at Comic-Con by announcing two Avengers movies set to premiere in 2025. Theyre both area of the Phase 6 chapter that opens with Fantastic Four on November 9th, 2024.

However the high-ranking Marvel exec didn’t share any information regarding these exciting Phase 6 projects on stage. In later remarks, he said that Fantastic Four wouldn’t normally you need to be an origin story. Thats something Fox already did. Instead, Marvel might follow the Spider-Man approach. The MCU doesnt exactly have an origin story for Tom Hollands Peter Parker.

Fantastic Four director announcement at D23 Expo?

The Comic-Con MCU roadmap reveal certainly exceeded expectations. We’d have expected Marvel to save lots of its biggest announcements for D23 Expo, a show where it didnt need to compete for attention with other people.

Mister Fantastic (John Krasinski) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
Mister Fantastic (John Krasinski) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Image source: Marvel Studios

But its nothing like Marvel presented its entire Phase 6 roster at Comic-Con. We’ve at the very least another eight light-action projects that only have dates for Phase 6. Thats along with all of the cast and crew announcements that lots of Phase 5 and 6 projects lack.

Fantastic Four is among the exciting MCU movies. And because it must hit theaters on November 9th, Marvel will soon need to choose its director and cast.

YouTuber Grace Randolph said that Marvel is zeroing in on a Fantastic Four director. That announcement will probably drop at D23. It could happen even sooner than mid-September if the name leaks, she continued.

The name could possibly be decided within the next about a week, Randolph teased, without divulging their identity. However, she did tease that the director may be somebody who already caused the MCU, being involved with a Disney Plus show before Fantastic Four.

If thats true, then all of the directors who done Disney Plus shows from WandaVision through She-Hulk are game for heading Fantastic Four. Youll need to wait and see who see your face is. When you do, heres Krasinskis first interview about playing the MCUs first Mister Fantastic.

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