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Fat Joe Responds To Irv Gotti Discussing Ashanti: Whatever Irv Had With Ashanti Was twenty years AgoI Dont HAVE TO KNOW

Irv Gotti has been talking about Ashanti and telling all their business. It appears like Fat Joe is fed up with hearing about any of it.

Within an IG live, Fat Joe praised Irv Gotti for his musical genius but additionally stated the mogul shouldnt be disrespecting the R&B artist on Drink Champs.

Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 yrs . old, he said. I understand he was making some points which means that too much to him, his core. But when you retain ranting about somebody 20 years later, it felt like hes not on the dude, right?

Fat Joe continued to describe he didnt know Irv Gotti and Ashanti were dating.

Also, we didnt understand that they was fing. Cause the complete time, Im there! Whats Luv, Big Pun record, on tourI never seen them together like this. Now, Im not saying they wasntthey wasor there is rumors they was. I never seen it. But I dont have to know!

The rapper expressed it had been OK to speak his truth for the documentary but to accomplish interviews about her has gone out of line.

Its OK if its on a documentary, you gotta say your truth in your documentary. But to visit Drink Champs and keep calling her a bch, keep disrespectingUmmm, Im not the guy to operate for Ashanti. Ja Rule was standing right close to him, he said before going for a long pause. Im not gonna be that guy. But, Im not telling stories in regards to a girl I was with 20 years back.

He also said that Ashanti never disrespected him, and his have to continue steadily to disrespect her makes him less credible.

Irv Gotti did discover her. Irv Gotti did make the hits, and did shoot the video. He signed DMX, Jay Z; he signed Ja (Rule). Hes a genius, but he makes himself look crazy and the girl never disrespected him.

Irv Gottis Drink Champs Interview

In the Drink Champs interview, he discussed how he discovered Ashanti was dating Nelly.

I possibly could see through you attempting to be with Nelly. Listen, at that time it happens, any man is hurt. The chick you fking come in love with has been this na.

N.O.R.E. followed up and said, Country Grammar, that is Nellys 2000 hit single from his debut album, that is also titled exactly the same.

The producer continued to describe how he heard bout Ashanti and Nellys relationship. The 52-year-old explained he was in the home, so when he fired up his TV to view an NBA program, he looked and saw Nelly and Ashanti walk in together after hearing some commotion on the screen.

You may already know, both dated for pretty much ten years before calling it quits.

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