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FDNY (Fire Department of the town of NY) Purchases OSCR360 System

NYSept. 6, 2022PRLog — L-Tron Corporation is very happy to announce that OSCR360 has been purchased by the Fire Department of the town of NY (FDNY), among the largest and busiest emergency response agencies in the united kingdom. FDNY provides public safety services in New York’s five boroughs, giving an answer to over one million emergencies annually.

Earlier this season, FDNY first discovered OSCR at an in-person demonstration with the L-Tron team. The department followed up their demo with an effective ensure that you evaluation period having an OSCR360 unit. This led right to their purchase, and the delivery of these OSCR360 by the end of June.

OSCR360 is really a patented courtroom presentation software and 360-degree crime scene documentation system, used nationwide for fire investigation, crime scene investigation, collision reconstruction, incident pre-planning, courtroom presentation, and public safety training/instruction. Large cities such as for example Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, and Sacramento, and also a huge selection of smaller municipalities, currently utilize OSCR360.

In the courtroom, it could be problematic for prosecutors and expert witnesses to mention the facts of an arson scene to a jury. With OSCR360, agencies fully capture and present interior and exterior fire scenes in 360-degrees, including unique circumstances such as for example small, confined spaces; dark, wet environments; and insecure, inaccessible structures.

OSCR can capture burn patterns, the idea of origin of a fire, along with other geospatial relationships, in addition to integrate floor plans, along with other digital evidence right into a presentation. This ultimately creates a thorough virtual walkthrough of the scene (

L-Tron is excited to talk about that FDNY has purchased OSCR360, and our hope is that they can make use of the system to keep to serve individuals of NEW YORK.

About L-Tron

L-Tron has partnered with first responders for over 20 years, providing equipment, service, training and support to firefighting and police organizations. L-Tron products are designed from the “voice of customers” and therefore our public safety products certainly are a direct consequence of the ideas and feedback we’ve heard from first responders. L-Tron is proud to aid educational conferences nationwide, along with non-profit public safety organizations.

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