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Federal Judge Rules Walmart, CVS, And Walgreens Must Pay $650.6 Million For Damages LINKED TO Opioid Epidemic

Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens will undoubtedly be dishing out a lot of money for adding to the opioid epidemic in Ohio. In accordance with CNN, a federal judge ruled that the firms must pay $650.6 million to two Ohio counties for damages linked to the opioid crisis.

U.S. District Judge Dan Aaron Polster ruled that on the next 15 years, approximately $306.2 million should be paid to Lake County, and roughly $344.4 million should be paid to Trumbull County. All three companies were responsible for their submit the counties opioid epidemic last November.

Its been quite a long time coming with this particular suit. Reports show it had been initially filed in 2018 and was section of the federal multi-district litigation created that year to handle the manifold claims against opioid manufacturers and distributors. Lake and Trumbull County allege that the pharmacies abused their position of special trust and responsibility as registered dispensers of controlled drugs and, by doing this, fostered a black market for prescription opioids, the complaint reads.

Judge Polster wrote in his ruling that the awarded damages are designed to address a little piece of an awful and tenacious and escalating national tragedy. He added:

Even though the Court could wave a magic wand and forever remove any existing or future oversupply of legal prescription opioids and stop all future diversion of legal prescription opioids in to the illicit market, this conjuring would do nothing to lessen the nuisance that could persist in Lake and Trumbull Counties that’s, the widespread prevalence of OUD [opioid use disorder] and opioid addiction.

CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens INTEND TO Appeal Opioid Ruling

The firms are unhappy with the judgment, and a spokesperson for CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens said they intend to appeal the ruling. In a statement, Fraser Engerman, senior director of external relations for Walgreens, claim the judges ruling had not been rooted in facts.

The reality and regulations didn’t support the jury verdict last fall, plus they usually do not support the courts decision now. Once we have said throughout this technique, we never manufactured or marketed opioids nor distributed them to the pill mills and internet pharmacies that fueled this crisis.

Ohio leaders in Trumbull and Lake Counties dont appear to be bothered and intend to utilize the damages toward opioid abatement measures. Lake County Commissioner John Plecniks county is investing the $306.2 million awarded in their mind into tackling the impacts of the opioid crisis within their communities.

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