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Female emission at orgasm confirmed release a fluid from the bladder

Some women to push out a massive amount clear liquid from the urethra at orgasm, an activity that’s distinct from female ejaculation, that involves the release of handful of milky liquid. Now the foundation of both liquids has been identified

Health 16 September 2022

By Alice Klein

Liquid squirting from a grapefruit

Female emissions can be found in many forms

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The squirting that some women are recognized to experience at orgasm has been confirmed to be liquid that’s expelled from the bladder, assisting to get rid of a long-running mystery.

Women can produce various kinds fluid during intercourse. At the arousal stage, lubricating fluid is released by the vagina. Then, as orgasm is reached, two other styles of fluid can often be expelled from the urethra: a milky fluid secreted in smaller amounts, and an obvious fluid released in large volumes, often a huge selection of millilitres.

Until recently, both orgasm fluids were referred to as female ejaculation. However, this term is currently reserved for the milky fluid, while squirting can be used to spell it out the release of the clear fluid.

About 5 % of women in Western countries are believed to see squirting, but what the fluid is and where it originates from has been uncertain.

A 2014 study led by French gynaecologist Samuel Salama, now at the Poissy Saint Germain en Laye Hospital in Paris, suggested that squirting involves the expulsion of urine from the bladder, since ultrasounds on seven women who could squirt showed their bladders were full right before squirting and empty directly afterwards.

To discover for certain, Miyabi Inoue, a urologist at Miyabi Urogyne Clinic in Japan, and her colleagues injected blue dye blended with water in to the bladders of five female volunteers who could squirt. A male volunteer then sexually stimulated the ladies until they squirted and a researcher caught the ejected liquid in a sterile cup.

It really is difficult to get squirted fluid as the direction of squirting is variable, says Inoue.

In every cases, the squirted liquid was blue.

This confirms that squirting does appear to result from the bladder, says Jessica Pfs at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. But you may still find so many questions, like does the liquid have exactly the same composition as urine? And just why could it be that some women expel this liquid among others dont? she says.

The ladies in the analysis all had good bladder control, suggesting their squirting wasnt due to bladder control problems, says Inoue.

During squirting, four ladies in the analysis also seemed to experience female ejaculation. This distinct physiological process involves the secretion of several millilitres or less of thick, milky fluid from small glands close to the urethra called Skenes glands, or the feminine prostate. The fluid contains prostate-specific antigen (PSA), that is also within the ejaculate made by the male prostate.

The squirted liquid from four of the ladies in the analysis was found to contain PSA, suggesting they produced female ejaculate round the same time because they squirted urine, and both fluids mixed together in the urethra.

Pfs has discovered that womens experiences of squirting vary widely. She interviewed 28 ladies in Sweden who could squirt and discovered that it had been highly pleasurable for a few, while some described it as overrated or embarrassing. Some said they squirted involuntarily, while some learned how exactly to do it with repetition.

Pfs also studied womens experiences of squirting in Rwanda, where it really is highly celebrated. Ladies in Rwanda discuss it because the highest degree of satisfaction its linked to relaxation and release plus they pass the data of how exactly to take action down from generation to generation, she says.

Journal reference: International Journal of Urology, DOI: 10.1111/iju.15004

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Article amended on 16 September 2022

We’ve corrected the area of the body that the clear fluid is emitted

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