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Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Lip Stain Survived a complete Day of Eating and Drinking

It’s official: Fenty Beauty‘s Poutsicle Lip Stain has made a lip stain convert out of a former lip stain hater (me).

But first, let’s get back to the start. After masks became part of our day to day lives, lipstick lovers started looking for long-lasting pigment they might wear under masks, prompting countless lip stains to go viral on TikTok. Still, none have peaked in popularity quite as quickly as Fentys Poutsicle. Despite having launched just last month, Poutsicle has amassed over one billion views on the platform, while lip stain and #lipstain have only 392.5 millionnumbers which have accrued because the apps start. Lip stain fever persists personally, too: In accordance with global shopping and payments service Klarna, lip stain purchases have doubled come early july. Translation? People really like lip stains.

I, however, had not been people.” I never got the lip stain appeal, no TikTokno matter just how many views, likes, or sharescould convince me otherwise. My lips simply werent designed for lip stains: They always dried my lips out, prompting the merchandise to flake, leaving my lips dehydrated and dreadfully drab. Jaded, I swore off lip stains forevermoreuntil Fenty released Poutsicle, that’s.

Once I heard just how much everyone loved Poutsicle, I made a decision to give one last lip stain a go. I was sick and tired of my lipstick smearing off with my mask. Plus, after seeing so many rave reviews on TikTok, I figured: If anyone could master the lip tint, it would be Fenty (and for that reason Rihanna), right?

Fenty Beauty’s Poutsicle does, actually, surpass its TikTok-viral hype, and I cannot say exactly the same of each trending product I’ve tried.

Obtainable in four show-stopping shadesStrawberry Sangria (red), Berry Banger (purple berry), Mai Type (pink), and Zesty Bestie (coral)it somehow delivers an ideal dose of vibrant pigment while actively hydrating your lips. If it sounds too good to be true, it isntits only a stellar lineup of ingredients. Poutsicles excellent consistency is due to its usage of squalene, a skin and hair care ingredient that mimics the bodys naturally-occurring sebum to improve and keep maintaining moisture,

Because of this, the formula offers a lightweight yet lustrous, buildable, and long-lasting finish which can be worn under masks, providing the most-popping lip glossbut with bolder color, and without stickiness or feathering. How do you know? I ate a whole greasy, family size bag of potato chipsand it stayed on (and also looked good).

Poutsicle also passed the best test. I posted a selfie to my good friends after finishing said bag of poker chips, and a pal immediately sent a note having said that: Your lips look amazing. Then, today, a coworker Slacked: I tried that Fenty lip, and I really like that it appears like it should be sticky but isn’t. See? It exudes Y2K high-shine vibes minus the sticky residue. It is the best of both worlds.

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