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Ferrari adds yellow to celebration F1 livery for Italian GP

Ferrari teased adding more yellow to its car for the race on social media marketing earlier this week, along with posting an image of drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in yellow team kit.

The livery was revealed on Wednesday, adding a yellow engine cover and rear wing endplates to the prevailing design, along with featuring the famous F lunga on the trunk wing in yellow on the trunk wing.

The halo in addition has been updated to feature black and yellow, as the race suits and helmets also have switched to yellow for the race weekend.

Yellow is definitely seen as the next colour of Ferrari, most widely known because of its iconic red, that was the mandated colour for Italian racing cars from early in the 20th century.

From the Scuderias beginnings in 1929 and later once the car company was founded 75 years back, Enzo Ferrari chose yellow, which alongside blue is among the colours of the Modena emblem, to feature on the companys coat of arms, the Prancing Horse with the tricolour band at the very top, reads a statement from Ferrari.

Its an extremely special turn to mark an extremely special event, the 100 year anniversary of the Monza circuit.

The changes is only going to be made because of this weekends race, that will see Leclerc and Sainz go searching for Ferraris first victory on home soil for 3 years.

Leclerc scored Ferraris first win at Monza since 2010 when he took victory in the 2019 race, however the team has struggled to compete at the front end in either of days gone by two Italian Grands Prix.

Red Bull will check out Monza because the favourite for the win, due to its impressive straight-line speed seen through a lot of this year. It has allowed the team to forge a large lead in both championships, with Leclerc sitting 109 points off Max Verstappen in the drivers standings.

Ferrari F1 team boss Mattia Binotto said after last weekends Dutch Grand Prix: We have to react at Monza.

We shall have the Tifosi there following the Covid, also to keep these things in the grandstands will undoubtedly be very important to us because they cheer for all of us and boost us as a team.

At this time, we have to find the right results for the spirit and the mood.

Ferrari F1-75 Italian GP livery

Ferrari F1-75 Italian GP livery

Photo by: Ferrari

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