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Ferrari unveils its special livery for Monza

Ferrari unveils its special livery (...)

Scuderia Ferrari is getting ready to try the track with a particular search for the Italian Grand Prix which occurs this weekend at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. The automobile livery along with the race suits and helmets of drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will all involve some yellow touches to celebrate the origins of the marque with a colour that’s very much section of Ferrari history.

From the Scuderias beginnings in 1929 and later once the car company was founded 75 years back, Enzo Ferrari chose yellow, which alongside blue is among the colours of the Modena emblem, to feature on the companys coat of arms, the Prancing Horse with the tricolour band at the very top. Its an extremely special turn to mark an extremely special event, the 100 year anniversary of the Monza circuit.

The F1-75 livery will feature several touches of yellow, with black inserts. The changes, which are just planned because of this race, will undoubtedly be visible on leading wing, round the halo, on the engine cover and the trunk wing, the latter part also featuring the logo with the famous F lunga in yellow on a black background and exactly the same applies to the drivers race suits.

Actually, yellow is definitely portion of the DNA of the Maranello marque, alongside the quintessential Ferrari red. Early in the 20th century, the then International Association of Recognised Automobile Clubs set red because the official colour of Italian racing cars therefore, when Enzo Ferrari established the Scuderia, under whose banner he entered Alfa Romeos, he previously to go with it.

Yellow is therefore quite definitely the next colour for the Maranello marque and the founder immediately chose it as section of the emblem he designed after being asked to transport the Prancing Horse motif by the household of famous Italian war hero Francesco Baracca. He wrote, the Cavallino was and contains remained black.

I added the Canary yellow background that is the color of Modena. The emblem made its debut on the teams Alfa Romeos in the Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours in 1932 and brought all the best since it won with Antonio Brivio and Eugenio Siena. It has featured on Ferrari cars since.

No red without yellow

Introducing our special edition livery and driver overalls because of this weekends #ItalianGP

Full story: @formula1game #F122game

Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) September 7, 2022

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