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Fetty Wap Arrested After Allegedly Pointing Gun, Threatening To Kill Rat Over FaceTime While On Bond For Drug Trafficking Charges

Fetty Wap has been arrested for allegedly pointing a gun and threatening to kill a rat over FaceTime, all while from bond for drug trafficking charges, The Shade Room has learned.

The rapper, whos real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, reportedly violated the conditions of his pretrial release after his arrest on drug charges back October 2021, where he was charged with conspiring to distribute and still have controlled substances in NJ and Long Island, The Shade Room reported at that time.

The 31-year-old have been released on $500,000 bond during this latest arrest, which is due to a threatening FaceTime call with a SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR on December 11, 2021, just weeks after his arrest on drug trafficking charges, in accordance with an affidavit filed on Monday.

Rapper Accused SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR TO BE A Rat In Threatening FaceTime Call

That call, where in fact the rapper and SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR allegedly accused one another to be a rat,was recorded and delivered to federal prosecutors.

In this video, the defendant is shown holding a gun and pointing it towards SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR. The defendant then says to SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR Imma kill you and everybody you with, which then repeats once more, court papers read. The defendant then continues to threaten SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR, saying Im gonna kill you, a threat which he repeats several more times through the entire video call. Additionally, after SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR called the defendant a rat, the defendant responded by saying, Your man is really a rat.’

On Monday morning, Fetty was arrested with a judge revoking his bond at a court appearance later that day, per court papers obtained by The Shade Room.

It remains unclear as to the reasons it took such a long time for these latest charges to be brought against him, nor was it immediately evident if the SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR he threatened was a co-defendant in the drug trafficking case hes similarly facing.

Newest Charges Come After 2021 Arrest For Drug Trafficking

THE BRAND NEW Jersey-based rapper was among six people charged with owning a multimillion-dollar bicoastal drug distribution organization out of Long Island in NY, where federal prosecutors claim Fetty Wap was a kilogram-level distributor.

His bond conditions prevented him from running a gun or breaking regulations.He previously previously pleaded not liable to the drug trafficking charges.

Requests for comment by the FBI and Fetty Waps lawyer weren’t immediately taken care of immediately by Tuesday.

The rapper and father-of-four has been having plenty of legal trouble lately.

Fetty Wap
Fetty Wap (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Legal Woes Continue For Trap Queen Artist And Father-Of-Four

As reported by The Shade Room this past year, a vacation to the airport is finished with the Trap Queen artist in handcuffs after police allegedly got an alert about his ankle monitor.

Police sources advised that Fetty was at Newark Liberty airport on December 17, 2021 when cops got an alert about his ankle monitor.

Reports state after officers spoke to Fetty and ran his information, they discovered he previously a warrant out for his arrest. Little details were available concerning the warrant, but reports say it really is for public nuisance out of North Bergen, NJ.

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