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Fetty Wap Arrested for Alleged FaceTime Threat

Fetty Wap was arrested in NJ on Monday, August 8, for threatening to kill someone. This violated the conditions of his pretrial release concerning his federal drug case.

Fetty Wap


Rolling Stone was the first ever to report that Fetty Wap have been arrested in NJ on Monday, August 8, and was accused of threatening to kill someone on FaceTime.

This violated the conditions of his pretrial release in link with his federal drug case.

Eastern District NY Prosecutors confirmed the arrest and shared details concerning the alleged ask December 2021.

The rapper had allegedly called another individual on FaceTime and threatened to kill them.

In the decision, he reportedly called him a rat and had seemingly brandished what were a firearm through the call.

Rolling Stone acquired an affidavit, which contained a recording of the FaceTime call that has been turned into the government.

The affidavit wrote stated:

In this video, the defendant is shown holding a gun and pointing it toward the defendant. The defendant then says to SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR Imma kill you and everybody you with, which then repeats once more.

Because of this arrest, Magistrate Judge Steven Locke revoked Fettys $500,000 bond.

Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested on Thursday night, October 28, 2021, by the FBI on federal drug charges.

Fetty Wap, whose legal name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, was arrested at Citi Field in Queens, NY through the Rolling Loud Music Festival.

He was arraigned on Friday, October 29.

Fetty Wap

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