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FINA Approves Inclusive Soul Cap Created for Natural Black Hair

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The Soul Cap, that is designed designed for natural Black hair, was officially approved by the International Swimming Federation, FINA, on Friday.

FINA executive director Brent Nowicki said approval of the swimming cap followed “an interval of review and discussion on cap design between FINA and Soul Cap in the last year,” he told the U.K.’s Metro.

Soul Cap said in a release on its website:

“For a long period, conventional swim caps have already been an obstacle for swimmers with thick, curly, or volume-blessed hair. They cant always look for a cap that fits their hair type, and that can indicate that swimmers from some backgrounds find yourself avoiding competitions, or quitting the activity entirely.

“You want to see swimming become an accessible sport, with equipment and swimwear that lets anyone become involved and see success.

“Which new approval by FINA is really a huge part of the proper directionbringing inclusive swimwear into competitive swimming, and assisting to bring down a few of the obstacles which are keeping swimmers from the activity.”

Finally year’s Olympics, utilizing the Soul Cap had not been allowed by FINA. The worldwide governing body for competitive swimming said that there is no reason behind the cap’s use because swimmers “never used, neither require to utilize, caps of such size and configuration,” per the Associated Press.

FINA also said that the Soul Cap didn’t “ the natural type of the top,” a rule that’s outlined in the organization’s swimwear requirements.

Within an interview with Sky Sports this past year, Danielle Obe, chair of the Black Swimming Association, said that hair “is really a significant barrier to aquatics forwomen especiallymany folks of colour from our communities” and that the Soul Cap ought to be approved to greatly help “overcome” that barrier.

The Soul Cap’s approval is really a major part of the proper direction, and something that may encourage folks from all backgrounds to take into account taking on competitive swimming. We ought to now be seeing its use at another Olympics along with other competitive events.

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