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Fire at Hollywood Bowl After ‘Sound of Music’ Sing-Along

Hollywood Bowl The Hills are Alive, with the Sound of Sirens!!! Fire Erupts After ‘Sound of Music’ Sing-Along

9/18/2022 7: 08 AM PT

The “Sound of Music” sing-along was fire Saturday night, following a blaze erupted at the Hollywood Bowl.

The fun show had just wrapped and people were leaving the venue when some palm trees on the lands caught burning. The L.A. Fire Dept. was quick to the scene and extinguished it.

Leaving the @HollywoodBowl after Sing Along Sound of Music and a little cluster of palm trees was burning. It burned quickly and was barely embers by enough time people reached their cars in stacked parking. While this is happening, the exiting crowd sang Do Re Mi in the tunnel.

Tara Lynn Wagner (@TaraLynnWagner) September 18, 2022 @TaraLynnWagner

For anybody unfamiliar … Bowl parking is really a nightmare, so it is kinda scary to sit in your vehicle in lanes that are not moving, knowing there is a fire on the lands.

Also, a few of the lanes were closed off so fire trucks will make their solution to the blaze.

By the end of The Sound of Music Sing-along tonight at the Hollywood Bowl. Concert goers exited to flames shooting high in to the night. @LAFD is on scene.

suellen vance (@suellenvance) September 18, 2022 @suellenvance

The Fire Dept. said the blaze was “stubborn” … i.e., challenging to extinguish.

The only real things damaged were vegetation, no one was injured.

Palm trees ablaze beyond your Hollywood Bowl

Austin Elliott (@TTremblingEarth) September 18, 2022 @TTremblingEarth

Those Hills …

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