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Five Productivity Tips

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Listed below are five (slightly random) tips that Ive found make me a lot more productive. Can you use these?

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Password Manager

Tools like LastPass and 1Password are excellent methods to handle logging in to the a huge selection of websites most of us cope with. Last time I checked, I’ve over 300 passwords I must keep an eye on. There is absolutely no way I possibly could do this without some software to greatly help me.

Learn Excel

Excel is an extremely powerful tool and I regularly utilize it rather than writing a bit of software when I have to take action. Investing a while in really learning how exactly to use Excel is an extremely good way to improve your productivity. TIP: If you prefer a place to begin, browse the help files on Pivot Tables. They’re a feature lots of people dont find out about that will save hours and days.

Phone Camera

Ive been surprised at how handy it really is to truly have a phone with a good camera. I could have a picture of a receipt and attach it to a cost report (using Expensify). I could have a picture of a summary of names to ensure I’ve them later. Ive even used it to take pictures of a microfiche display once the printer was broken therefore i could document my research.

Put Notes In The Computer

Years back, I took the Franklin Covey training. Among the items that helped me probably the most was simply having an individual place to jot down everything. EASILY met someone, their name got on paper in the planner. Telephone numbers were written in the planner rather than on sticky tabs. The purchase price I was quoted for repairing my windshield was written in the planner. I dont carry my planner any longer, but the notion of keeping my notes in exactly the same place continues to be very important. Nowadays I take advantage of Evernote and DevonTHINK.

Record Your Chats

One particular thing that saves me lots of time is using Google Talk. In Google Talk, most of my chats could be searched similar to the rest of my email. Ill often recall discussing something, but cant remember if it had been on email, chat or calling. SINCE I HAVE have all of the archives of my chat conversations, I could search those and email simultaneously. If there have been a method to record and transcribe most of my calls Id be ready to go. Even though you dont use Google Talk, most chat applications enables you to archive your sessions and that may work nicely.

What do you consider? Were some of those tips helpful? Are you experiencing all of your own? If that’s the case, please share them in the comments below.

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