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Fivio Foreign Clears The Air Regarding Recent Claims About Neglecting His ChildrenI Love My Kids And Their Mother (Exclusive)

Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign really wants to clear the air surrounding the recent drama involving himself,Mellow Rackz and mom of his children. Additionally, a detailed friend of Fivio Foreign recently found his defense regarding claims from mom of his children he neglects them.

Within an exclusive statement to us, Fivio Foreign said the next:

Out of respect for mom of my children, I will handle this matter privately. Do not have I ever been accused of not looking after my children and my responsibilities. Being an artist, I travel for work to deal with my family. I really like my kids and their mother and its own unfortunate that shes made her frustrations with a relationship that I’ve with Mellow, public.

Once we previously reported, Jasmine, mom of Fivio Foreigns children took to Instagram Live alleging he is really a deadbeat dad. She also produced other shocking claims, saying that Fivio pulled a gun on her behalf, and faked his relationship with Mellow Rackz to be able to promote his new album.

Additionally, Jasmine further claimed that Fivio Foreign continued tour from May to June and didnt leave her hardly any money to aid their kids. She alleged that throughout that period, he didnt offer her not just a dollar, leading to her selling his clothes to be able to support her children.

Meanwhile, Jasmine stated that once Fivio returned from touring, he walked to their house with a nonchalant attitude and straight past his kids without acknowledgement.

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