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Flexibility may be the name of the overall game: The Return podcast, episode 4

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Its been half a year since Atlanta advertising agency Fitzco officially returned to any office. The team has weathered spikes in in-office Covid cases, blurring lines between work life and home life, and technological hiccups. But ultimately, its been a smooth transition.

In the ultimate bout of The Return, well do yet another check-in with Fitzco staffers Erick Arenas, Bryce Burton, Jennifer Jay Jay Jones, not to mention, CEO Dave Fitzgerald.Well also have a final look at what the continuing future of work could possibly be.

Digiday is proud to provide The Return, a podcast concerning the advertising industry since it grapples with time for any office in a worldwide pandemic which has forced society to reconsider the notion of work.

In four episodes, The Return follows Atlanta-based advertising agency Fitzco because the company returns to any office following a two-year-pandemic hiatus, answering questions about Covid-19 safety protocols amidst each new wave of the herpes virus. It will examine company culture, the push to improve the continuing future of work and what true work-life balance appears like.

The Return is hosted by McCoy and made by Digiday audio producer Sara Patterson. Our script editor is Priya Rao. Sign up to the Digiday podcast now on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you obtain your podcasts.

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