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FlipBuilder Allows Businesses to Download eBook Software Free

Companies can download eBook software for his or her marketing eBooks and also have tools like videos, images, charts, and music to include interactivity with their eBooks.

FlipBuilder lets users download eBook software freeand design marketing, educational, and inspirational eBooks because of their audiences. The program has features to improve eBooks, including adding interactive videos, photos/images, sound, charts, along with other content types to create readers experiences entertaining. After they download the program, creators are certain to get full usage of FlipBuilders tools to create their work easier. The platform enables them to generate publications in minutes.

For businesses, choosing FlipBuilder for his or her marketing eBooks is really a wise choice. They will have all of the marketing features at their disposal immediately they download eBook software free. To create their eBooks stick out, they are able to add diverse forms of videos to improve interactivity. Shoppable videos could make good product display mediumswhen put into eBooks. Users can visually market products while letting consumers go through the ones they’re interested in to produce a purchase. Other styles of videos include sales consultation videos by which they can connect to people through interactive questions and pre-recorded answers.

At FlipBuilder, we are able to help you create money from the eBooks you create from our platform, said Ken Glenn, CMO of FlipBuilder. With PDF Plus Pro, it is possible to customize the eBook pages you would like to sell, set prices and guide audiences through their buying journey. Buyers will undoubtedly be directed to include the eBooks to the shopping cart software and pay directly through the publications. Once you download eBook software free, create, and publish your eBooks, you can include them to bookcases where readers will see them easily, select what interests them and make their purchase.

There are many methods to make eBooks engaging through FlipBuilder. As the platform allows creators to download eBook software free, in addition, it supplies the freedom to let peoples imaginations and creativity run wild. EBooks could be boring should they dont have any interactivity. A proven way users can increase interactivity is through games. Adding games will encourage readers to flip to the finish. Games like turning the Wheel of Fortune or answering quizzes in trade for a discount on products will attract more consumers. Theyll also be compelled to talk about the eBooks and generate brand awareness. Gamified videos are engaging marketing mediums to include in eBooks.

FlipBuilder provides various animation effects to obtain eBook elements animated. When users download eBook software free and begin creating eBooks, they are able to trigger animation effects like exit/attention/entrance to elements to create them dynamic and engaging. They will have control over every animation effect with all the animation timeline. They are able to utilize the rotate, bounce, and zoom in and out effects and customize their speed and time and energy to make eBook content interactive and engaging. This can keep carefully the audience focused because they scroll through.

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About FlipBuilder Software Co., Ltd.

FlipBuilder can be an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing the very best treatment for convert static PDF files into wonderful online flipbooks. From design to delivery, we concentrate on simplicity used and power in function. Unlike traditional printed publications predicated on paper, it is possible to create an online elegant digital magazine within several steps.

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