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FNC’s Jesse Watters: Biden Using ‘War on Terror Language and Tactics Against Republicans’

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Monday on his show Jesse Watters Primetime thatPresident Joe Biden calling MAGA Republicans semi- fascist is using War on Terror language and tactics contrary to the GOP.

Watters said, Make no mistake, the Democratic Party, the media, and obviously the FBI have designated the Republican Party as a terrorist group and believe its their patriotic duty as Americans to extinguish the threat. How exactly voting for Donald Trump is athreat? How is that more dangerousthan the 9/11 hijackers? ISIS terrorist cells plotting toblow up the Brooklyn Bridge, the Democrats wont call them Islamic terrorists, but if youvoted for Donald Trump and havea personal grievance, you’re afascist, and homeland security is comingfor you.

He continued, I recall through the Bush years when Democrats would howl at Republicans for politicizing 9/11 since they wore just a little flag pin. Now Democrats declared a war on terror against Republicans on the anniversary of 9/11. Why is you a terroristagain? As you have personalgrievances? Well, I’ve a personalgrievance. Is that likely to putme on a no-fly list? You’re a terrorist forbelieving in false narratives. EASILY believe Hunters laptop isreal, am I likely to Gitmo? The big guy appears like W., except the enemy is really a red hatinstead of a box cutter.

Waters added, That is Bidens War on Terror. Hes directly saying youre either around or you’re against us. Once the Bush administration was spying on Muslims, raiding their homes, and arresting them, the Democrats were up in arms. Remember? Think about the terrorists rights? Bush went too much. Now Bidens using Bushs War on Terror language and tactics against Republicans, Americans.

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