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FOLKS ARE Sharing A COMMON Nostalgic Trend From twenty years Ago, AND ITS OWN A FAIRLY Perfect Ride Down Memory Lane

“It’s not exactly the same anymore.”

Some may say that the 2000s were an easier time. It had been the era of MTV’s TRL, Blockbuster, and low-rise jeans. Although some trends are designed to stay static in the 2000s, others are missed, at the very least in accordance with Reddit.

Ron Galella Ltd. / Via Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

1. “Blockbuster along with other film rental places. There is something magical about moving in and playing around the aisles together with your friends or simply cruising by yourself, picking right up anticipated titles and in addition a thing that just caught your eye.”

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2. “Playing video gaming locally personally.”


3. “THE WEB of the late 90s and early 2000s was the very best. Napster, newsgroups, flash games, forums, no social media marketing or data harvesting bullshit. Just awesome.”

Anna Shalygina / Getty Images/iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

4. “I miss old YouTube where people posted original one-take crappy videos. We now have each one of these ‘professional’ YouTubers and its own just not exactly the same anymore.”


5. “AIM. Texting isn’t exactly the same. You can’t leave away messages, sign on / off, or edit your profile.”

6. “Renting a gaming for the week was super fun.”

Iuliia Bondar / Getty Images

7. “I miss my Nickelodeon noisy alarms. Why awaken to an ear-piercing electronic chime once you could start your entire day to the sound of a cartoon spring and slam a huge red button.”


8. “Flip phones. Several friends and I concur that if it werent for a couple key features on smartphones, wed want to get back to them. In case a flip phone had an excellent GPS and usage of Spotify, Id be down.”

Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images / Via Getty Images

10. “Game console with cartridges. Loved swapping people that have others.”

Thankful Photography / Getty Images / Via Getty Images

11. “The pants that zip off into shorts.”


12. “Things being themed. Back the 2000s you’ll get yourself a doll-shaped sharpener with accessories, brushable hair, AND somehow candy within too and finished . was still portable.”

14. “When MTV, VH1, and BET had actual music.”

16. “Skateboarding and everything it brought with it. Skateboard games, skate, pop punk, skate fashion, extreme sports, and movies.”

18. “Roll on scented body glitter from Bath and Body Works.”

Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images / Via Getty Images

19. “Spending money on a song to be my ringtone.”


20. “MP3 players. No ads, no subscriptions.”


Any kind of 2000s trends not with this list that you miss? Tell me in the comments below!

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