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FOLKS ARE Sharing Fictional Characters That Fans “Idolize,” But Only Because They’re “Missing THE IDEA”

Recently, in a viral thread, redditor u/WhereDemonsDwell asked an extremely interesting question: “Which fictional characters are idolized by individuals who missed the complete point of these story?”

So when I’m sure imaginable, pop culture lovin’ redditors were quick to answer with some excellent types of this phenomenon, so we rounded up just some of the very best responses for the reading pleasure:

1. Walter White, Breaking Bad

“You are not likely to root for the murderous, ruthless, self-centered, egomaniac drug lord by the finish of the series, but people do.”


“What’s amazing concerning the show is he is sympathetic in early stages, plus they very slowly arrive the heat. Even though cooking meth is really a pretty horrible move to make, you can find where he’s via. And I cannot say 100% I wouldn’t do exactly the same in his situation, but because the questionable actions accumulate a lot of people should stop supporting him at some time.”

“Letting Jane die was the line for me personally, there is zero excuse for that. Another thing I’ve noticed concerning the show is a large number of the ‘bad’ characters are likeable as the ‘good’ characters are sort of hateable on an individual level, not predicated on their actions. Like Jesse and Saul are funny and likeable, but Hank and Skyler are annoying and hateable. I believe that is to unconsciously show you towards keeping Walt so long as possible.”


2. Tom, 500 Days of Summer

“I must say i liked the type and may see my younger self in him, but he’s surviving in his fantasies a lot more than understanding his reality.”


“I saw this in my own early 20s and identified with Tom to be a victim of Summers heartbreak, mostly because I was in my own early 20s and romantically immature to the stage where I reflected by myself dating experiences and the pain I felt whenever I was rejected. Now, all developed in my own mid-30s, I could clearly start to see the actual dynamic where Summer was pretty openly noncommittal all along, and Tom just kept projecting their own hopes onto their casual relationship. I could observe how it hurt him deeply, but he thought we would keep pursuing somebody who never verbally told him she wished to spend her life with him.”


“If you are on a romantic date with a guy plus they say they really admire JD from Heathers run.”


“There is a trend on TikTok recently that has been using audio in one of the off-Broadway performances of ‘Meant to Be Yours’ (which JD sings) also it got super concerning. It had been the ‘Veronica open the entranceway please’ lyric, and folks were actively discussing how they’d open the entranceway for him, how he was hot, swooning over his voice, etc. It took a lot of stitches and standalone videos from individuals who knew concerning the musical and movie to convince each one of these teenagers and kids that he wasn’t an excellent dude. Literally all of the people making the original videos didn’t know the backstory, as well as that which was going on in the song. Just how people idolize him even with knowing context is scary!”


4. Tony Soprano, The Sopranos

“I dont get how people could research to him once the whole show is approximately how he hates his life.”


“An ideal exemplory case of having everything, but never being happy. Theres insufficient money, power, prestige, pussy or gabba-ghoul to satiate him, and hes suffering from his mother and family. Excellent show from starting to end.”


5. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

“‘Im this type of Rory.’ Really? A doe-eyed narcissist? Okay.”


“Don’t even start the revival…I loved this show, but Rory is merely the worst.”


6. Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye

“He wasnt being refreshingly rebellious, he was crying out for help. He was probably mentally ill, and definitely emotionally scarred by his brothers death and the unhealthy way his parents handled that tragedy.”


“I believe the brilliance of this book is that, based on your stage of life, it is possible to take something completely different every time. Young me: ‘Yeah! Holden is right! Folks are phonies!’ College me: ‘Holden is sort of an asshole…’ Middle-aged me: ‘Holden is really a mentally ill kid crying out for help no one is listening.'”


7. Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

“I saw a performance of the many years back where they depicted Romeo as an extremely dramatic and angsty emo kid, and, the 1st time we saw Juliet, shed just woke up and had a doll with her. Through the entire whole thing the focus was they were just dumb kids. So superior to the adaptations that make an effort to ensure it is some epic romance.”


“The quote I usually remember whenever I see Romeo & Juliet mentioned is: ‘You want a romance like in Romeo & Juliet? You will want three day romance between a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old that leads to six deaths?'”


8. Tony Montana, Scarface

“It’s like everybody only watches the initial 1 / 2 of the movie. No-one appears to remember the part where, after he managed to get, he throws everything away on cocaine-fueled paranoia and gets himself and everybody he cares about killed.”


“I kid you not, I visited school in a rough neighborhood where we’d these ‘gentlemen classes’ for teenage boys where we learned all about positive masculinity. It sounds cringe, nonetheless it was actually pretty cool. Anyway, we were discussing the ‘pros and cons to be in a gang’ and something classmate stood up and said he looks around Scarface, as he’s a confident gang role model. Various other kid shouted out, ‘Yeah, but Scarface literally loses everyone he loves and gets shot to death.’ And that quickly shut him up.”


“He was the initial character that found mind.”


“I teach senior high school computer science. My first year was the entire year Rick and Morty arrived. All of my students was convinced they were Rick. The Rick gang was insufferable.”


10. The Phantom (Erik), The Phantom of the Opera

“Rejection will not provide a person a free of charge pass to control someone into loving them. Do not get me wrong; I don’t hate him actually, I sympathize with him because nobody likes rejection and abuse, needless to say. Boy, may be the musical character a hero in comparison to his portrayal in the book, though, and the type is in fact far darker than any adaptation might be able to portray accurately! (Never to knock on Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber; I’m just stating that the Phantom is far darker than I believe anyone can capture completely.)”


“Those cringe posts on Facebook which are just pictures of him saying things such as, ‘I got your back the darkest times.’ My dude, he does not have anyone’s back he’s the Joker.”


“Also, the Joker and Harley Quinn. They’re still idolized for example of crazy passionate love despite it being clearly established being an abusive relationship. Its a shame the films had to cut right out the majority of the really bad Joker abuse because then maybe the idea will undoubtedly be driven home.”


“I’ve heard people say, ‘Nick deserved what he got because he cheated!’ Not forgetting the Cool Girl monologue, which may be incel-y enough if it wasn’t from the deranged narcissist who views all women as beneath her for the crime of existing nonetheless it, somehow, gets touted as a relatable quote.”


“Yeah, Gone Girl is similar to Joker: an excellent film that 95% of individuals are well-adjusted enough to leave at that, but 5% related a touch too much to the villain protagonist.”


“Certainly. A cult that kills, tortures, and also drugs and rapes men because of their own objectives, they’re absolutely awful. But people still think the ending was happy and a ‘Yass queen!’ moment when our broken protagonist falls in the hands of the cult.”


“Agreed, the amount of individuals who view that ending as a woman power moment is concerning.”


14. Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

“No, she’s not just a ‘bad bitch,’ she’s a sociopathic medieval soccer mom.”


“I believe shes an excellent character because I hate her so very, quite definitely!”


“Lots of dudes worship Ryan Reynolds Deadpool for all your wrong reasons. Like, they only like him so much since they think hes a normal ‘super manly-man’ who kills people in funny ways. While Deadpool does kill people in funny ways, he could be not a good example of toxic masculinity my dude is really a pansexual hard-core feminist, wears a Hello Kitty mini backpack, and low-key regularly got pegged by his wife.”


“I cant believe just how many people worship her character. I must tell myself that individuals praising her actually KNOW shes an insane, psychopathic, manipulative murderer, and their admiration on her behalf is in fact rooted in how well-developed her character is, and how refreshing it had been to visit a female villain on the show rather than just another innocent victim. I must tell myself that to sleep during the night…because theres no chance people actually admire her, as in who her character was. Theres no chance they are able to justify her actions or desire to be anything like her…right?!”


17. Christian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey

“How come he regarded as a wonderful, sexy man of one’s dreams? He’s a narcissistic misogynistic dickhead. He targeted a naive girl and groomed her for their own enjoyment.”


“I cannot remember the comedian having said that it, but there is a tale like: ‘Fifty Shades is romantic because he’s rich, if he lived in a trailer it could be an bout of Criminal Minds.’ And it’s really the reality!”


18. Light Yagami, Death Note

“A lot of people forget that Death Note basically shredded whatever redeeming qualities he previously for the only real reason for spreading the message that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The thing that anyone really appears to discuss regarding his character is that hes awesome, handsome, and polite and also the former was a facade.”


“The show is a superb exemplory case of storytelling through the eyes of the villain. Insurance firms Light function as protagonist, we watch his journey into destruction. In addition, it gives us an improved perspective on L’s actions. Light is evil, but L isn’t all that good. He tortures Misa for over 50 days.”


19. And lastly: Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie and Clyde

“Not fictional characters, but Bonnie and Clyde. It’s cool if you wish to have an adventure together with your ride or die…just don’t kill 13 people while carrying it out.”


“Yeah I blame the film from the ’60s. In true to life, these were nightmarish. I recall reading that Clyde fatally shot one of is own closest friends at point blank range over a dispute about six dollars (granted, that has been more money through the Depression, but nonetheless).”


Fine, you’ve read their picks, however now it’s your turn! That are some characters who you think fans idolize, despite the fact that they really, really shouldn’t? What do you consider draws visitors to them? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.

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