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Foodja Cafe Expands to the Bay Area, Offers Employers New Lunch Benefit Through Partnerships with Local Restaurants

Foodja Cafe Expands to the Bay Area, Offers Employers New Lunch Benefit Through Partnerships with Local Restaurants
Foodja Cafe kiosk used at a workplace. Photo provided thanks to Foodja.

Foodja Cafe Expands to the Bay Area, Offers Employers New Lunch Benefit Through Partnerships with Local RestaurantsSAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA ( Foodja, the countrys leading workplace restaurant delivery platform, has expanded their Foodja Cafe product to the Bay Area, providing a specialist meal service connecting local restaurants with offices through the entire region. As a purpose-built platform and service, Foodja originated exclusively to meet up the initial needs of companies and may accommodate businesses from 20-20,000 employees.

Employers which are competing for employees require a lunch program to attract and retain top-level talent and obtain them worked up about coming into any office, said Steve Sprinkle, founder and CEO of Foodja. Companies which have today’s lunch program for employees where they are able to select their very own meals from local restaurants have the benefit with regards to hiring and retaining.

Foodja Cafe allows every individual to order their very own customized meal from the rotating set of local restaurants. Employees can order from the complete restaurant menu and may place orders as late as 11: 00 a.m. for lunch. Employees get a text notification when their meal arrives, notifying them to get their individually packaged and labeled order from the designated Foodja kiosk within their office or break room. Foodja Cafe can be acquired during all meal periods including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, 7 days per week.

Foodja Caf has really removed in the Bay Area, commented Sprinkle. Its common for employers in the Bay Area to provide lunch with their employees by way of a catering or club service, but these older programs flunk on variety or customization. Thats where Foodja will come in. With Foodja Cafe, employees can place their very own customized meal from popular local restaurants, order from the complete restaurant menu, and customize their order. Also, cut-off times for lunches are as late as 11: 00am. We check all of the boxes.

Foodja Cafe works together with any employer budget. Companies can elect to pay for a whole meal or any part of meals. Employers may also have different budgets for different meal periods or different budgets for different associates.

Benefits like medical health insurance are important, however they dont build culture or get visitors to come into any office, commented Sprinkle. Theres nothing more exciting than getting into the office, considering everything you can order and planning your week around whats for lunch.

Foodja happens to be partnering with a large number of local restaurants in the Bay Area including Starbird Chicken, a fast-casual fried chicken joint offering sustainably sourced, all-natural, antibiotic-free fried chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and wings; Boston-based franchise, Wahlburgers founded by actor, Mark Wahlberg and his family, known for an All-American menu of hamburgers, fries, tater tots, milkshakes and much more; Dumpling Garden serving high-quality Asian food; Sanchos Taqueria, a geniune Mexican eatery home to favorites just like the Baja Style Fish Tacos and Carnitas Burritos; Fambrinis Cafe, a family-owned cafe focusing on gourmet sandwiches, grain bowls and salads; and Rangoon Ruby supplying a menu of Asian-Burmese cuisine which range from noodles and pad thai to a range of curries, chicken and shrimp biryani, and much more.

Offering the average check of ten times how big is most platforms, Foodja has been favored by local restaurants. Foodja Caf orders may also be scheduled around two weeks beforehand with the restaurant, that allows them to properly staff and plan the orders.

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About Foodja

Foodja may be the industry leading restaurant delivery platform for work.

Foodjas innovative Foodja Caf platform allows employers and employees to get professional, contact-free delivery at the job from a common local restaurants.

A large number of companies, including Sony, Activision, YouTube, and Amazon trust the Foodja platform to supply workplace meals with their employees.

Along with modernizing just how people order food at the job, Foodja also believes in giving back again to the city. Foodja donates some of profits to fight food and housing instability so vulnerable populations get access to nutritious food and reliable shelter.

Foodja Cafe comes in markets through the entire USA.


Corporate Address: 3193 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Farida Waquar

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