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For job searchers, $20 each hour may be the new $15

Data: Indeed; Chart: Erin Davis/Axios Visuals

More job searchers are searching for work that pays $20 one hour, surpassing looks for $15 one hour, in accordance with data released Monday by job search platform Indeed.

Why it matters: It is a sign of how inflation and a labor shortage pushed up wages faster than anyone could’ve imagined about ten years ago, when Fight for $15, a union-led push to arrange fast-food workers, was founded.

Just to illustrate: In California, fast-food workers could soon start earning just as much as $22 one hour, following a bill designed to improve conditions in the market passed the state’s senate on Monday. The bill is headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk however the governor hasn’t said whether he’ll sign it, the NYT reports.

  • Meanwhile: Back May, Chipotle workers protested in NEW YORK, demanding a $20 each hour wage. Now, Democratic state lawmakers and activists are pushing to improve the state’s minimum wage to $20 from its current $15.

What’s next: “We’re attempting to encourage the initial states and cities that moved to $15 to take into account an increased [wage],” Mary Kay Henry, the president of Service Employees International Union, which backs Fight for $15, told Axios earlier this season.

Underneath line: Whether a $20 minimum wage becomes something, job searchers are increasingly expecting a lot more than $15 each hour.

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