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For you to Train the Serratus Anterior Muscle

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That is Your Quick Training Tip, an opportunity to discover ways to work smarter in only minutes to get to your workout.

If you are an informal lifter, you almost certainly know about stacking a good work out with biceps curls and triceps extensions to develop your arm muscles. You’ve likely embraced the largest weight room commandment and you also never skip leg day, even moving beyond the typical squats to add moves like hip thrusts to focus on the largest muscle within your body, the glutes. You may even understand that situps alone aren’t the ultimate way to build-up your six-packthere’s much more to a strong-looking core than simply the rectus abdominis (even though you don’t know the precise name of the muscle).

But as soon as you move beyond casual status, you’ll begin to zero in on a number of the other muscles within your body that can help to create up a killer physique, just like the brachialis, the vastus medialis, as well as perhaps probably the most overlooked yet aesthetically pleasing muscle of most, the serratus anterior.

The serratus anterior is not a huge muscle, especially given the outsized impact a well-developed you can have on your own overall physique. This is actually the kind of physical feature that catches the attention, and helps it be clear to the beholder that the main topic of their gaze has devote the hours would have to be strong and fit. The muscle isn’t one you’ll continually be in a position to spot, either; you’ll only have the ability to showcase the serratus anterior in the event that you pop your top and take your shirt off. Having said that, there are many advantages to training it than simply achieving an objective physique.

WHAT’S the Serratus Anterior Muscle?

If youve ever witnessed a bodybuilder strike the classic front lat spread pose (standing tall with a puffed chest and fists on hips), youve seen the serratus anterior (SA) rippling just underneath the armpits. Situated on either side of the ribcage, the muscle includes a serrated appearance (hence its name), and on particularly chiseled bodies, it resembles a couple of fingers squeezing either side of top of the torso.

digital illustration of muscles of the human torso, anterior view

Alan Gesek/Stocktrek Images//Getty Images

The principal function of the SA would be to protract (i.e. pull forward) the scapula, like when youre throwing a punch (thats why its generally known as the boxers muscle). The muscle also plays an integral role in the upward rotation of the scapula, such as for example once you raise a weight before you or press it overhead, and in the elevation of the ribcage once you breathe.

And since it helps stabilize the scapula during arm movements, strengthening it can benefit reduce your threat of injuryespecially in your shoulders.

How exactly to Train the Serratus Anterior

Start giving the SA the eye it deserves in your workouts by performing moves that call it into action, like the scapular pushup, the scapular pullup, punches, and any overhead pressing movement.

Need even more inspiration? Have a look at the six best serratus exercises:

Dumbbell Punch

Band Chest Press


Bear Crawl

Dead-Stop Pushup


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