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Former CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw Dead at 82

Bernard Shaw CNN Anchor Dead at 82

9/8/2022 7: 03 AM PT

Bernard Shaw, among the anchors who put CNN on the map, has died from pneumonia … in accordance with his family.

His family announced his passing Thursday morning, and said the pneumonia was unrelated to COVID-19.

When CNN launched in 1980, Shaw was the network’s first chief anchor, and famously anchored presidential debates, and especially shined through the Gulf War in 1991.

Shaw reported live from Baghdad because the first missile strikes landed and launched the war. He frequently had to get cover under desks and in bomb shelters while reporting.

A Marine veteran, who served through the Vietnam War, Shaw remained at CNN for a lot more than 20 years … finally retiring in 2001.

Ahead of his time at CNN, Bernie — as his co-workers called him on the air — worked the Washington Bureau for CBS News, and was also at ABC News for a while.

Shaw was a proud Chicago native … he actually started his broadcasting career there as a reporter and anchor, and finally became the White House correspondent for Westinghouse.

He’s survived by his wife Linda Allston and their 2 children. Bernie Shaw was 82.


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