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Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Speaks Out for the very first time Since Sex Scandal

Carl Lentz, the former pastor of Hillsong NYC, broke his silence for the very first time since he was fired from Hillsong in November 2020 and confessed he had been in an extramarital affair.

On Wednesday, Lentz wrote his first post on social media marketing since November 2020. In the post, he exposed about how exactly he and his family are doing.

“It has been a challenging road, but we have been alive, we have been at peace and because of the grace of God, we have been TOGETHER. Uncertain what the near future holds for all of us, but we can say for certain that people face it as a family group and for that, I’m so thankful,” Lentz wrote.

“My deepest because of our relatives and buddies which have shown us such unconditional love and grace whenever we have desperately needed it. Forever grateful.. we have been hopeful in what is ahead!” he concluded.

Carl Lentz speaks out for the first time since being fired

Lentz, who co-founded Hillsong NYC in 2010, served because the church’s lead pastor until his firing in November 2020 for leadership issues and moral failures. Shortly afterward, Lentz admitted to cheating on his wife, Laura. His rise and fall was recently highlighted in the Discovery+ docuseries, Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, an interior investigation published in April figured Lentz had engaged in multiple affairs with women and that several Hillsong members experienced mental illness because of his abusive behavior.

In her very own post on Wednesday, Laura shared that she and her husband have already been doing “plenty of work” on the marriage during the past 22 months.

“And we’ll never go wrong on ourselves, because of this marriage and for the kids! I understand there are lots of that don’t or could not do what I thought we would do, and that is ok, it isn’t for everybody!! I anticipate sharing our story, how I found that conclusion, and I believe it will help many people,” she wrote.

“But I’m so pleased with my hubby & for the duty he’s taken! Mostly I’m grateful for a guy who humbled himself & didn’t make an effort to defend himself, he’s got kept quiet publicly, and he’s got remained centered on the thing that counts most-our family!” she concluded.

Laura Lentz on her husband

Since Lentz’s firing, several Hillsong leaders resigned from their positions since they had either been involved with a scandal or made a decision to step away in light of the scandals which have occurred.

Earlier this season, Hillsong founder Brian Houston stepped down from his role as global senior pastor following revelations of alleged misconduct with two women. He could be also currently facing legal charges of covering up his late father’s sexual abuse crimes on children.

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Milton Quintanilla is really a freelance writer. He could be also theco-hostsof the FOR THE Soul podcast, which seeks to equip the church with biblical truth and sound doctrine. Visit his blog Blessed WILL BE THE Forgiven.

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