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Four Months Ago, We Tried A Fancy Celeb-Loved Treatment That Promises Glowy, Younger-Looking Skin LISTED BELOW ARE Our Before & Afters

Ryan’s feedback:

What I Loved:

I must say i believe that SmoothGlo gave me an overall smoothed turn to my face. Multiple friends explained that my skin looked great if they saw me. And I’m from Jersey, so we don’t do fake compliments.

For me personally, it had beenrelatively low pain.

The treatments are also super helpful in preventing breakouts on my forehead, where I used to obtain them.

SmoothGlo felt very modern. The device isn’t some big, scary device where you have no idea what’s happening. The filter settings are perfect it’s literally like applying your preferences by means of an iPhone filter.

There’s very little downtime.

You will get it as long as you’re getting injectables and Botox. During a few of my sessions, I was fresh off getting filler and botox.

What I Didn’t Like:

Rosaceadoes not have a remedy, so SmoothGlo wasn’t totally in a position to get rid of theredness in my own cheeks, like I had hoped. It decreased it, but predicated on sun exposure, I still own it. However, Dr. Kung introduced me to the prescription cream calledRhofade, which constricts the arteries in the facial skin, and therefore improved my rosacea

The price isn’t ideal in the current economy, if you don’t have disposable income.


If you the amount of money and you are looking to obtain a step-up from the facial or expensive new moisturize to get ready for a marriage or heavily photographed event, I’d recommend this treatment. I am hoping this post was helpful and informative, and feel absolve toDM mewith questions about my SmoothGlo experience.

Fabiana’s feedback:

What I Loved:

Although Ryan and I’ve different skin types, we’d similar results for the reason that SmoothGlo evened out and smoothed the skin we have. I haven’t gotten treatments with this scale done before, but I’ve tried countless products in reducing the redness in my own cheeks, and nothing spent some time working such as this.

If you are good with following instructions, that have been simple work with a gentle cleanser, skip any harsh exfoliants, apply a gentle moisturizer and SPF the care post-treatment is quite doable.

What I Didn’t Like:

Despite having a higher pain tolerance,SmoothGlo definitely felt uncomfortableif you ask me, and I was looking forward to the procedure to be over with, tbh.

Because it can be an expensive treatment and ideally you need to get several sessions to seriously start to see the best results,I cannot actually justify the price for what it did for my skin.


Overall, I’m happy I tried the SmoothGlo treatment. I am a little intimidated with regards to whatever can drastically affect my skin, and I normally have a “less is more” method of my skincare routine. I was happy with the outcomes and was even happier that I didn’t have a a reaction to the procedure.

Ultimately, it is critical to research your facts on any skin treatment prior to making an appointment. It is also essential to follow the post-care instructions regardless of how simple or involved they could be if you would like the very best results. Should you have additional questions about my experience, feel absolve toDM mewith questions.

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