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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade says he showed judge meme ‘in jest’

NY Fox News Brian Kilmeade said Friday he had aired in jest a doctored photo that seemed to depict the judge who approved the FBI search warrant of former President Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago estate.

The false photo showed U.S. Magistrate Bruce Reinharts face replacing a genuine photo of Jeffrey Epstein finding a foot massage from his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. It had been further doctored to create it appear that the judge was holding a bottle of bourbon and package of Oreo cookies.

Kilmeade, who was simply subbing for Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, showed the picture by the end of the hour-long show.

This is actually the judge responsible for the, of the, um, you may already know, of the warrant, and well see if hes likely to release it next, Kilmeade said. He likes Oreos and whiskey.

Sean Hannity, whose show was going to begin, seemed to correct Kilmeade.

I believe thats actually an image of Jeffrey Epstein with somebody putting his at once there, Hannity said. Im guessing. I dont know.

Kilmeade said, it may be his plane. Who knows?

In a tweet on Friday, Kilmeade said the image was sourced on screen to a meme pulled from Twitter and wasnt real.

This depiction never occurred and we wished to make clear that people were showing a meme in jest, Kilmeade wrote.

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