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Fraktiq Debuts its Flagship Project “Baoyue Vase NFT” *

HONG KONG, Aug 3, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Fraktiq, the world’s first blockchain platform for fractionalized historical artifacts, is very happy to announce the debut of its flagship project and the offering information on the “Baoyue Vase NFT”. To improve public awareness and appreciation of the artifact’s cultural value, a VIP appreciation session of the “Blue and White Phoenix Vase” (“Baoyue Vase”) happened on 26 and 27 July 2022 at Wanchai. Celebrities, professional investors and media representatives were invited to obtain a first glimpse of the real colors of the artifact made through the Yongle amount of the Ming Dynasty, that is section of Fraktiq’s effort to advertise the appreciation of the historical artworks, along with the story and cultural heritage behind the masterpiece.

Fraktiq is co-founded by experts from art, finance and blockchain technology, focused on decentralize the art treasure market for collector’s treasures items through the use of Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) technology, simultaneously encouraging more digital collectors to control and co-own the art patch together by means of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”) membership, in order to promote the historical backstories of the art treasures to the general public while preserving Chinese culture.

“Hong Kong may be the art hub of Asia, offering comprehensive valuation, auction, custodian and legal services, having an increasing amount of people and professional investors taking part in the field of historical and digital art, each one of these factors make Fraktiq the perfect ground to satisfy its mission.”, said Louis Li, Co-founder of Fraktiq.

Fraktiq’s first flagship project, “Baoyue Vase NFT”, uses financial technology to lessen the entry barrier of historical treasures collection. The “Baoyue Vase NFT” project supplies the management rights of the Baoyue Vase by means of 10,000 NFTs to the marketplace. Where, 40% (4,000 pieces) of the NFTs will undoubtedly be designed for professional investors from now until 18 August. Through the public offering phase, beginning with 19 August, 60% (6,000 pieces) of the NFTs will undoubtedly be available for everyone. Each NFT will set you back 1,050 USDC.

Randy, Co-founder of Fraktiq, said, “With regards to the auction price of an identical artifact of the Blue and White Phoenix Vase, that has been sold at Sotheby’s for over HK$100 million, the Baoyue Vase in this project is verified and valued at approximately HK$80 million by auction house. The Baoyue Vase NFT project is incorporated in the Marshall Islands as a DAO LLC, which gives legal protection to the project. Later on, we shall register every artifact launched on the Fraktiq platform as a DAO LLC in the Marshall Islands to encourage participants to jointly manage and promote the cultural value of historical treasures.”

To market public awareness, the project team held an exclusive appreciation session of the “Baoyue Vase” at Wanchai on 26 and 27 July, inviting celebrities and media representatives to get a first understand this historical masterpiece, that was made through the Yongle amount of the Ming Dynasty. Mr. Louis Li said, “We think that you should encourage more folks to witness the initial charisma of the artifact to be able to promote Chinese culture and art appreciation. Therefore, we will arrange exhibitions in museums all over the world. We have been also donating 10% of the arises from the sale of the ‘Baoyue Vase NFT’ to charity, to aid the promotion of historical art appreciation to the general public and enable our next generation to raised understand the splendor of history and culture.”

*This information is supposed for general purposes only and will not constitute any offer, solicitation or recommendation for just about any product

About Fraktiq

The world’s first blockchain platform for fractionalized historical artifacts, Fraktiq offers a legally recognized and trusted method for the general public to collectively own artifacts through blockchain technology. In doing this, it achieves two main missions:

Preserving precious artifacts for future generations

Artistic masterpieces record the annals of humankind and highlight years of artistic achievement. They deserve to be cherished and protected.

Limited artifacts to meet up infinite demand

The amount of artworks with rich historical value is quite limited. With the duration of time, they are susceptible to natural aging and therefore, becoming more and more rare. With blockchain technology, Fraktiq hopes to create rare artworks that exude artistic charisma and history last forever.

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