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FrankyNines Airdrops 10k Pixel Ducks To SupDucks NFT Holders

FrankyNines, the founder of MegaVolt Corp, the house of SupDucks has airdropped 10k pixel art NFTs called Crypto SupDucks. All he said on Twitter explaining why these were provided was Merry Christmas.

Crypto SupDucks FrankyNines
A preview of the brand new Crypto SupDucks collection.

The Free Crypto SupDucks from FrankyNines

FrankyNines told his 20,000 Twitter followers he just airdropped 10k pixel Crypto SupDucks to all or any the SupDuck holders Merry Christmas!

Everyone on Twitter who received one, and didnt sell prematurily ., was extremely pleased with their new Crypto SupDucks. However, those that had just sold were annoyed, to state minimal. One Twitter user: @NH3Crypto said: Lmao I held for over per year. This project is ridiculous. Artists =/= smart people, unfortunately.

Within the screenshot shared by FrankyNines, a user noticed a Phantom wallet on the browser shown. Frankys response was After releasing ScumBags, we realized theres multiple some people that have Bot Monitoring on our dev wallets. So were breaking everything around make their bot attack manips harder. Want clean owners, no scammers.

Currently, the ground price of the project only sits at 0.03 ETH, when compared to bigger 0.19 ETH price of these original collection. The initial collections price will be a lot less than the all-time average price of just one 1.17 ETH. This drop in cost can only just be regarded as because of the recent crypto and NFT bear market, rather than what FrankyNines does for the collection, that is applaudable.

About SupDucks and their Founder

SupDucks can be an NFT project classed being an OG in the area. They depict cartoon ducks with a variety of features. Previously, at the offset of 2022, GaryVee mentioned SupDucks as an assortment to obtain in on, because of their cheap rate, but top-tier status.

The business behind SupDucks is MegaVoltCorp. It had been founded by FrankyNines who has turned into a big name in the NFT space because of his use SupDucks. He entered the Crypto space in 2017, employed in product design and direction with companies like Dapper Labs and NFT42. Previously, the California-based artist has been working being an artist and developer since 2006. He also established their own iOS app development company, whose apps received an incredible number of downloads, and started a VC-backed company in LA.

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