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From feeling terror to feeling a global beater: How Phil De Fries overcame anxiety to rule KSWs heavyweight division

Anxiety makes cowards folks all, a conundrum then, if your selected profession is one where fear is actually an inevitability.

For Phil De Fries, however, its been a battle long fought ahead of entering the cage. Rather, its been one hes faced his very existence.

For me personally, I didnt know I had anxiety. I usually had it. I acquired raised with it. I didnt have the very best home life growing up and stuff, therefore i had this feeling of terror, he said, talking with TheMacLife. Absolute terror of everything, especially fighting, but I thought that has been totally normal. It never came up in my own life, its something I usually had.

WHEN I got cut from the UFC and had a few bad losses outside the UFC, I really was quite down. Totally insane. I had cameras installed in my own bedroom to ensure no one would steal me dog. Id be at the job and become like, I gotta go back home to ensure no ones nicking me dog, or Id check the entranceway was locked 25 times. I thought, this is simply not normal.

I googled irrational concern with everything, also it was like, Youve got anxiety.. Anxiety, Ive found out about that. I acquired on a prescription and I was so lucky that the prescription fixed me in 90 days. I had the very best luck ever. From then on, I havent lost a fight since.

Indeed, De Fries is on quite tear. Unbeaten in his last ten fights, the Englishman found the KSW heavyweight title in April 2018, before knocking off seven challengers, lately Ricardo Prasel with a first-round submission.

And, while attributing everything to medication will be ignoring countless hours of work devote at the fitness center, De Fries must admit his career life has found a fresh dawn in comparison with the dark days of old.

When I had anxiety, I didnt learn anything in me fights. Every fight I’ve now, Personally i think like Im improving, Im more composed, I could think better, said De Fries. Personally i think such as a world-beater at this time, and that performance [against Prasel] sort of showed that.

Im better in the fitness center. I couldnt learn really. Thats why I had this type of poor showing in the UFC, I was terrified of any kind of striking. I’d think, throw a jab, but easily throw a jab, hell do that and Ill get knocked out so Id find yourself doing nothing, and nothings the worst thing that can be done.

I sort of got by on my physicality and my grappling ability. Im an extremely tenacious grappler, and thats because I was so scared of striking, I needed to adhere to you prefer glue. Im better throughout. Im an improved person. I couldnt take part in a conversation, I was probably a dick really.

Seeking to the near future, hes made no secret of his next target. Former strongman, and fan favourite, Mariusz Pudzianowski. Its a callout predicated on fun and funds. Its one hes even prepared throw in a few stipulations to entice the Pole, as long as some stipends get thrown back.

Hes got the big name, hes on a five-fight win streak, hes the huge fight, he said. Its the fight everybody in Poland wants. He could be a hardcore fight, Ill be heavy favourite, but Id be up to make that no takedown rule. Id shake his hand, itll be an MMA fight for the titles, but Ill shake his hand, scouts honour, no takedowns, just pay me some extra cash. Over there hes just like a God. Hes a national icon. Its mad.

By at this time, theres one fight left on the KSW deal, before De Fries heads in to the open market searching for the very best number to aid his family, Im about the cash nowadays now, he cracks).

But whatever happens, whichever way the wars in the arena go, the main one waged and won in the home was the main of most.

Im only a better person now, De Fries said. Im an improved dad, an improved partner to my girlfriend, better fighter, and an improved friend. Its notably happier times.


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