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From somber blues guitar duels to Shadows-esque guitar-pop: listed below are this week’s essential guitar tracks

(from left) Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis and Tord Øverland Knudsen of The Wombats perform at Lollapalooza 2022 at Grant Park on July 28, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois

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Welcome toGuitar Worlds weekly roundup of the musical highlights from the, erm, world of guitar. Every a week (or thereabouts), we try to bring you an array of songs from over the guitar universe, all with a very important factor in keeping: well known instrument plays a starring role.

Hermanos Gutierrez feat. Dan Auerbach Tres Hermanos

The facts? The most recent single from brother duo instrumental act Hermanos Gutierrez and the next to be lifted from the pairs forthcoming record El Bueno Y El Malo, which also boasts the six-string expertise of The Black Keys Dan Auerbach. Your guitar triumvirate of Estevan, Alejandro and Dan is actually a force to be reckoned with so much so, actually, that Auerbach has been dubbed the 3rd brother in Tres Hermanos. Sounding like something from the Western epic, the track can be an instrumental accomplishment, rammed with silky slides, mysterious trills and a gorgeously crafted main melody.

Standout guitar moment: Tres Hermanos spends the initial 30 seconds finding its feet, although guitar interplay that crops up immediately sets the tone for the track completely: haunting, emotive, melancholic choose your poison. Let’s hope the three write more songs together later on.

For fans of: The Black Keys, Jos Gonzlez

Matt Owen

Buddy Guy Gunsmoke Blues (featuring Jason Isbell)

The facts? The somber lead single from the legendary guitarists forthcoming album, The Blues Dont Lie. Guy may be 86, with a legacy thats been sealed for many years, but he sure isnt stuck during the past, recruiting among Americana/roots musics biggest names and turning his lyrical sights on Americas ever-growing epidemic of gun violence because of this powerful song.

Standout guitar moment: A casino game of guitar one-upmanship this duet isn’t Guy and Isbell take part in a candid conversation throughout making use of their lyrical, piercing and atmospheric licks, conveying together the songs atmosphere of dread and tragedy just as much as its lyrics.

For fans of: B.B. King, Eric Gales, Johnny Winter

Jackson Maxwell

Black Lava Soul Furnace

The facts? The title track from the Australian extreme metallers’ debut album, Soul Furnace, combines components of black metal, death metal post-metal, and Mastodon-style enormo-riff metal, and holds everything in uneasy equilibrium. It taps in to the bleak desolation of a country in unending pandemic lockdowns, but it addittionally finds a method to express that bleakness in a manner that is sweet music to the ears of these who like a taste of nihilism and a soupon of apocalyptic thinking within their metal.

Standout guitar moment: It must function as riff that Ben Boyle builds towards round the 3: 30 mark, a hulking great motif to expel the strain of the dissonance that’s gone before.

For fans of: Tombs, early Mastodon, Deathspell Omega

Jonathan Horsley

Fit For a King End (ANOTHER Side)

The facts? The next single from Fit For a Kings just-announced seventh studio album, The Hell We Create. Coping with the non-public story of frontman Ryan Kirbys wife nearly dying from the stroke, End (ANOTHER Side) is really as visceral as youd predict, having an instrumental bedrock of aggressive drop-tuned electric guitars and ground-pounding double kick-driven drumming bolstering Kirbys gut-punching vocal monologue.

Standout guitar moment: The Texas troupe choose the classic heavy-verse-melodic-chorus arrangement thats heard frequently in modern metalcore, and a wonderfully slotted-in lead guitar line in the choruses makes an essential component of the sonic tapestry.

For fans of: Like Moths to Flames, Miss CAN I, Bury Tomorrow

Sam Roche

Strigoi King of most Terror

The facts? Strigoi is really a blackened death doom project headed up by Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh and his former Vallenfyre bandmate Chris Casket, and King of most Terror, from their forthcoming sophomore album, Viscera, is really a shapeshifting genre-masher that shifts air on a hefty backbeat before settling right into a pure doom misery groove in what appears like virtually no time at all.

Standout guitar moment: You can find none of these epic leads that Mackintosh dispenses liberally across Paradise Lost’s grand compositions there’s just virtually no time for that however the monochrome riffs not forgetting Mackintosh’s ungodly guitar tone are crucial for all those weaned on the pristine misery of Gothic, Icon, et al.

For fans of: Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre, Godthrymm

Jonathan Horsley

The Wombats Is This What It FEELS AS THOUGH To FEEL JUST LIKE This

The facts? Despite only releasing a protracted LP in January this season, English indie rock outfit and festival favorites The Wombats already are churning out more music. Is This What It FEELS AS THOUGH To FEEL JUST LIKE This may be the first offering from the forthcoming EP, and is irrefutable The Wombats at their head bop-inducing best: its speaker-rumbling guitars, infectious guitar hooks and a lung-bursting chorus line aplenty. They state quality over quantity, but this type of notion doesnt appear to connect with The Wombats right now.

Standout guitar moment: The Wombats are no stranger to a crowd pleasing guitar hook, and theyve continued their fine melody making form with aplomb here, conjuring up an especially catchy chorus line thats assembled from some neat hammer-on and pull-off action.

For fans of: Circa Waves, Sundara Karma, The Kooks

Matt Owen

Todd Rundgren Puzzle (feat. Adrian Belew)

The facts? This beautiful, philosophical and distinctly David Bowie-esque song may be the lead single from the pop-rock chameleons star-studded forthcoming LP, Space Force. Cosmic, classically tuneful and slightly weird (in mere the easiest way, needless to say), Puzzle features Talking Heads/David Bowie/King Crimson textural guitar master Adrian Belew, and is whatever you could require from the Rundgren tune.

Standout guitar moment: Belews appearances on Puzzle are few, but boy does he make sure they are count. Peep the absolutely glorious tone he gets in his wailing contribution to the songs intro now thats the way you make an entrance.

For fans of: David Bowie, Talking Heads, Steve Vai

Jackson Maxwell

Miss CAN I Free Fall

The facts? A crushing new single from Miss May Is forthcoming album, Curse of Existence. Expertly arranged and brutally delivered, Free Fall is touted being an anthem for all those seeking to have a leap of faith despite feeling as if they dont have the courage.

Once you reach the edge of a journey you have struggled to visit through and you also back out prior to the final step, that is your possiblity to take that leap off the edge and see where in fact the journey goes, says vocalist Levi Benton. I understand the favorite term because of this is imposter syndrome and for anybody who has felt the relief of pushing through, this song can be your anthem.

Standout guitar moment: No moment sticks out in particular, due to the fact B.J. Stead and Justin Aufdemkampes guitar lines are stellar throughout.

For fans of: Fit For a King, Bury Tomorrow

Sam Roche


The facts? A dream pop-tinged new offering from indie rock artist Rhett Miller, who props up his vocal swells and effortless lyrical flow with a smattering of sun-splashed six-strings and recurring licks that flirt with fuzz through the entire tracks runtime. The album that PROCEED THROUGH You is lifted from will arrive later this season, and was inspired partly by the partnership between David Bowie and Brian Eno. So far as sonic inspirations go, it isn’t a band someone to have.

Standout guitar moment: The tone employed here’s particularly tasty, and is useful to its full potential throughout a brief jolly up the fretboard at the 1: 52 mark.

For fans of: Daniel Donato, Beck, Fountains of Wayne

Matt Owen

Demi Lovato 29

The facts? The most recent single from the pop superstars forthcoming rock and punk-inspired album Holy Fvck is more subdued than previously released singles Skin of My Teeth and Substance, but is shaped by way of a group of shimmery Shadows-esque clean guitar lines underneath Lovatos retrospective lyrics.

Standout guitar moment: The ethereal tremolo which flavors the tracks opening riff is refreshing to listen to from an artist of Lovatos stratospheric caliber.

For fans of: Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW

Sam Roche

Lande Hekt Backstreet Snow

The facts? The next preview weve heard from the Muncie Girls bassist/singers upcoming album, House WITH OUT A View, Backstreet Snow is effortless-sounding indie-pop of the initial order.

Standout guitar moment: The songs jangly central riff is one particular that may get stuck in your mind for days.

For fans of: Courtney Barnett, THE AIR Dept., Stella Donnelly

Jackson Maxwell

Daeva Arena at Dis

The facts? A black-thrash track to strip the paint off the beaten track, from an album that’s sure to be on many a shortlist for best underground metal album of 2022, the evocatively titled Through Sheer Will and Black Magic. The song, much like the album, is wall-to-wall action, taking the a few of the sounds and steel of classic ’80s metal and putting it through the black metal chaos machine.

Standout guitar moment: Steve Jansson (Crypt Sermon) keeps the riffs coming however the solo at 1: 50-ish does what all good metal guitar solos do, offering an exciting power-up for a song that’s already in debt atlanta divorce attorneys sense.

For fans of: Aura Noir, Devil Master, Midnight

Jonathan Horsley

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