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Galaxy S23 Ultra COULD BE Mostly Unchanged ASIDE FROM One Big Feature

Samsung S22


Given that this year’s Samsung flagships have all been revealed, attention will begin to concentrate on next year’s early star. Needless to say, speculation concerning the Galaxy S23 kicked off some time back, but we are able to now expect these details will flow more steadily. Given the large changes which were designed to this year’s Galaxy S flagship series, it really is perhaps unsurprising that there aren’t that lots of rumors yet concerning the Galaxy S23. Actually, it appears we shouldn’t expect way too many rumors to surface, or at the very least ones about big changes, because the Galaxy S23 specially the Galaxy S23 Ultra could greatly resemble its predecessor except in a single special way.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra earlier this season was an enormous leap for Samsung. Rather than just being the biggest of the batch, it continued the spirit and the look of the Galaxy Note series. It had been more rectangular in form and had an integral silo for the S-Pen, the same as the Galaxy Note. It paved just how for Samsung to displace the Galaxy Note with the Galaxy Z foldable phones and safely retire the much-loved products.

With all this, it wouldn’t be surprising if we learn that Samsung isn’t too thinking about changing things up again this soon. In accordance with @Iceuniverse, the external design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra scheduled for release next year will stay largely unchanged in comparison to its predecessor. It appears like the model is a rather boring release, but there’s one detail which could make the first 2023 flagship a bit more interesting.

The Galaxy S23 could be the first 200MP Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy S Cameras

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It appears that we’ve entered a time where smartphone cameras have surpassed yesterday’s ludicrous numbers. It wasn’t too much time ago when 64MP was viewed as excessive, however now we’ve smartphones with 200MP cameras. Among the first to really announce a 200MP imaging sensor, Samsung won’t remain standing behind Xiaomi and Motorola in releasing its phone sporting this type of high-resolution camera.

In accordance with ETNews, the business has recently made those intentions recognized to its camera partners. What isn’t known here is which 200MP sensor will undoubtedly be found in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung has two 200MP sensors, like the ISOCELL HP1 on the Motorola X30 Pro. The ISOCELL HP3, however, is really a mid-range option that won’t meet flagship standards. There were rumors in regards to a new 200MP camera sensor to be announced later this season, one which would contend with Sony’s 1-inch 200MP IMX989 found in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, so we’ll need to observe how that plays out.

Are you aware that Galaxy S23 Ultra’s other leaked specs, those are the same 6.8-inch 3088×1440 Super AMOLED display and exactly the same 5,000 mAh battery on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The only real slight difference is reportedly in the dimensions, but even that’s reported to be negligible. Apart from internal upgrades just like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which rumored 200MP camera, it appears like hardly anyone will spot the Galaxy S23 Ultra unless they focus on the specs and features inside.

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