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Georges St-Pierre answers how hed fare against Edwards, Usman, and Nurmagomedov

Georges St-Pierre still knows how exactly to analyze and breakdown the very best fighters on earth, even yet in retirement.

The former two-division UFC champion held court at a fan Q&A on Friday before UFC Paris, where he was asked how hed build up against three of the very most successful fighters of the generation: Current welterweight champion Leon Edwards, former welterweight champion and top-ranked Pound-for-Pound fighter Kamaru Usman, and lightweight great Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In his response, St-Pierre described what each stars greatest attribute is.

Its hard since they all have great qualities, St-Pierre said. Theyre all completely different. Leon could have given me plenty of trouble because hes very smart. It could have been just like a chess game. It could have been a difficult puzzle to resolve because it will be a very technical fight.

Kamaru is quite physical, hes very athletic, hes a beast. Hes strong, he hits very difficult, hes an excellent wrestler. It might be very tough physically, very demanding.

Khabib is really a legend with regards to his knowledge, his experience. Hes got so many tools in his bag. It could be a fight that I wouldnt understand how it wouldve proved. I dont know. Its not the very best fighter that wins the fight, its the fighter that fights the very best the night time of the fight, so to beat them I’d have would have to be the very best man of the night time of the fight and become very, perfectly prepared.

St-Pierre and Nurmagomedov had openly discussed fighting each other during the past, with St-Pierre widely thought to be one of the biggest champions in MMA history and Nurmagomedov earning their own spot in GOAT discussions with a run as UFC lightweight champion and a spotless 29-0 pro record. Nowadays, both seem to be enjoying retirement instead of chasing comeback fights.

On the main topics Edwards incredible comeback kick knockout make an impression on Usman at UFC 278, St-Pierre offered more praise for the existing champion.

I believe he won the initial round and he showcased in the initial round incredible skills to place Kamaru Usman on his back, mount him, take his back, St-Pierre said. He showcased incredible skills there. He was losing because he was losing following the second, third, and fourth round, and he was on his solution to losing the fifth round. But I believe why is Leon Edwards so excellent, its his fighting IQ.

He could be also so excellent at neutralizing his opponents strengths. Hes excellent at shutting down his opponents strengths and bringing the fight where he could be comfortable, to create his opponent fight beyond his safe place, and I believe thats why Leon Edwards is indeed good.

During his legendary run with the UFC from 2004-2017, St-Pierre also had a reputation for neutralizing his opponents strengths, whether it had been forcing wrestling specialists like Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, and Josh Koscheck to stand with him, or using their own elite wrestling to stifle dangerous finishers like B.J. Penn, Nick Diaz, and Carlos Condit, among a great many other memorable victories.

St-Pierre was no stranger to rematches either, with Hughes, Koscheck, Penn, and Matt Serra all stepping in to the octagon with GSP more often than once. In his rematches contrary to the only two men to defeat him, Hughes and Serra, St-Pierre was dominant, so he’s got some perspective on what a rematch between Edwards and Usman might go.

Thats why is the wonder of the activity sort of After all, if youre privately of the winner, needless to say, because everything can occur, St-Pierre said. It could be boring in the event that you always know who win. … That night, Kamaru was winning the fight, but he made an essential mistake that’s unforgettable as of this level. He zigged when he must have zagged and credit to Leon Edwards, he did a lovely setup, that has been amazing, and he won the planet title. Now theyre likely to have a rematch hopefully and well see.

But things change, you won’t ever fight exactly the same fighter twice. It is possible to fight exactly the same name twice, nevertheless, you never fight exactly the same fighter twice. Every fight leaves a scar. It may be to get the best or for the worst and following a loss frequently we see fighters, a loss make a difference their confidence, and confidence is essential for a fighter as you can have all of the skills on earth but in the event that you dont have confidence its like anyone who has lots of money in his bank-account but no chance of accessing it. For the magic to occur, you need the abilities and the confidence. So well observe how mentally strong Kamaru Usman is and when he comes home and wins the title, I believe hell soon add up to his legacy a lot more. Its likely to be considered a hell of a fight, a hell of challenging.

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