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Georgia ALLOWS Visitors to Claim an Embryo as a Influenced by Their Taxes and, No, Thats Not just a Joke

Earlier this month, while ruling that Georgias ban on abortion after about six weeks could get into effect, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals also agreed that personhood could possibly be redefined to add embryos and fetuses, giving exactly the same rights to clumps of cells as walking-around humans. Now, the Georgia Department of Revenue has issued guidance for folks to claim embryos as dependents on the taxes. No, this is simply not satire.

In a news release published on Monday, hawaii writes that in light of both Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and the appeals court upholding Georgias abortion law, the Department will recognize any unborn child with a detectable human heartbeatas qualified to receive the Georgia individual tax dependent exemption. Continue, taxpayers can claim a dependent personal exemption…in the quantity of $3,000 for every unborn child. The department says that taxpayers must definitely provide relevant medical records or other supporting documentationif requested. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution notes that regulations also allows pregnant ladies to apply for child support to cover the expenses of pregnancy and delivery, and requires unborn children, a.k.a. fetuses, to be counted for Georgias census records.

While tax deductions may appear nicewho doesnt like those?!plus they could be beneficial to low-income individuals who want to be pregnant, the truth that Georgia is giving embryos exactly the same rights because the person whose womb theyre in is actually terrifying. What goes on in case a person claims an unborn child on the taxes and includes a miscarriage? What goes on should they claim the unborn child and travel out of state for an abortion? They are obviously just two around a million questions the brand new law raises.

Following the 2019 law was upheld last month, Julia Kaye, an employee attorney for the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, said the move allows Gov. [Brian] Kemp and his radical political alliesto force Georgians to transport pregnancies and present birth against their will, with profound medical risk and life-altering consequences. In a statement, Kemp had said he was overjoyed.

In other abortion news, the executive director of an emergency pregnancy center has told The Washington Post that 13-year-olds could be successful mothers and that she’d have tried to convince the 10-year-old rape victim who was simply denied an abortion in her home state of Ohio to really have the child. Meanwhile, several senators have unveiled a bill to codify abortion rights, nonetheless it is expected to fail, as the Senate is filled up with Republicans who think embryos are people and 10-year-olds ought to be forced to be parents.

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