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Germany: No cause for massive Oder River fish die-off

BERLIN (AP) Several substances appear to have contributed to the massive fish die-off in the Oder River that forms a lot of Germany’s border with Poland, a German official said Monday.

Numerous theories have already been floated concerning the cause of environmentally friendly disaster, but up to now none have already been conclusive, a spokesman for Germany’s Environment Ministry said. He rejected suggestions from the senior Polish official that Germany was spreading fake news about pesticides being behind environmentally friendly disaster.

The seek out the sources of the fish die-off in the Oder still haven’t been completed, said Andreas Kuebler, the ministry spokesman. Up to now we’ve several organic and inorganic substances that may be responsible.

It appears to become a cocktail of chemicals, he told reporters in Berlin. In accordance with our information up to now, none of the substances alone resulted in the fish die-off. It must be assumed that is actually a multi-causal incident.

Kuebler said a kind of algae that normally grows in brackish water and produces a substance toxic to fish could also have played a job in the disaster.

Recent lab results showed a sharp growth of Prymnesium parvum in the Oder which could only have resulted from increased salt levels due to an “industrial discharge,” he said.

Dead fish in the Oder were first noticed by fishermen in southwestern Poland in late July, but German authorities said they weren’t officially notified by their Polish counterparts before second week of August. Polands government is wanting to locate those responsible. Ten a great deal of dead fish have already been taken off the river.

Warsaw lashed out on the weekend, with Environment Minister Anna Moskwa accusing Germany of spreading “fake news” concerning the degrees of pesticides in the river.

In Poland, the substance is tested and detected below the quantification threshold, that’s, it does not have any influence on fish along with other species, she wrote on Twitter.

Kuebler said Germany was surprised and a little saddened by the claim.

We never said that the Polish side is in charge of the the usage of pesticides (and) that fish died of the, he said.

In Poland, where a lot more than 100 a great deal of dead fish have already been taken off the river, the prime minister has called the die-off an environmental catastrophe.


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