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Germany to create outcomes of energy ‘stress test’

BERLIN — Germany’s government plans to create the outcomes on Monday of an extremely anticipated study into the way the country’s energy sector will deal with possible shortages in the coming months.

The results of the so-called stress test could determine whether Germany delays the planned shutdown of its last three nuclear power plants by the end of the entire year.

Like other Europe, Germany is scrambling to guarantee the lights stick to and homes stay warm this winter despite an expected shortage of gas due to supply cuts from Russia.

The federal government has announced numerous measures to import gas from other sources and reactivate mothballed coal- and oil-fueled power plants, while urging citizens to save just as much energy as you possibly can.

But you can find concerns that Germany’s grid could possibly be heavily strained if consumers switch to electric heaters in the wintertime and strong demand from neighboring countries sees energy exports rise.

Germany’s opposition parties have needed the country’s nuclear plants to be kept online, with some lawmakers even suggesting shuttered ones ought to be reopened and new reactors be built.

The power and environment ministers that are members of the environmentalist Greens party that’s always been against nuclear power say there’s little to be gained from eking out what little fuel is left in the country’s three remaining reactors, while pointing to the risks posed by leaving atomic plants that haven’t had to endure key checks and maintenance for a long time.

Still, they will have left open the chance that a restricted extension of the plants’ lifetime may be possible.

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